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"Revolución" Weekend

This weekend, which is to say, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, MUBI presents the free online premiere of Revolución, an anthology of ten short films commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution and examining its legacy. It also happens to be a sampler of sorts, collecting work by ten of the most engaging directors working in Mexico today: Gael García Bernal, Mariana Chenillo, Fernando Eimbcke, Amat Escalante, Rodrigo García, Diego Luna, Gerardo Naranjo, Rodrigo Plá, Carlos Reygadas and Patricia Riggen.

"Tonally and in subject matter, the vignettes in Revolución run the gamut," wrote Reed Johnson in the Los Angeles Times this summer. "Some have the rounded coherence of short stories. Others are more like dreams (or nightmares) than narratives, registering as impressionistic snapshots or tone poems. Some bristle with caustic humor and bitterness. Others ache with nostalgia, expressed in images of the country's rugged, sweeping landscapes and its stoic, resilient populace."

We've created a Facebook page for this event, so you can set up a reminder for yourself and/or invite friends to watch this weekend here on MUBI, YouTube, PlayStation 3 (in select countries) or Boxee. Again: Ten films by an impressive role call of directors — for free.

Alguna fecha para verse en México?
Tengo la misma pregunta—el aniversario ya esta casi acabado.
OMG this is exciting
The real question is: how much will this cost?
Welll… it’s in the first line of the post. Free online event….
It sound good :) But where is “Machete” ;) Can’t wait to see this tribute
ya es 20 de noviembre!!! q esperan? Por qué en los EUA ya se puede ver y en México noo?
Gracias, Me encantó esta pelicula va ser un catalizador para otras peliculas. Agradezco su valentia en producir estas imagenes. Finalmente alguien esta hablando de lo que ocurre en México cinematicamente. Es una bola de nieve que va creciendo con cada persona que la ve. I loved every single one of the short films; A catalyst for more work to come. I appreciate your courage in producing these images. Finally some is talking about what is actually happening in Mexico in a cinematic form. It’s a snowball with every person experiences it.

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