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Rotterdam 2012. "The Mouth of Garbage: Sub Culture and Sex in São Paulo"

The Boca do Lixo district of the Brazilian metropolis was a hotbed of low budget creativity in the 60s, 70s and 80s.
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Hot off the virtual presses: "In the Signals section's theme program The Mouth of Garbage: Sub Culture and Sex in São Paulo, the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) will present a vast panorama of features and shorts from São Paulo's so-called 'Boca do Lixo' (Mouth of Garbage), the nickname for the working class neighborhood in the center of the Brazilian metropolis. These quick and dirty productions frequently highlighted the sleazy underbelly of Brazilian society using established genres such as noir, horror, the western, and pornography."

So far, the lineup ranges from Ozualdo Candeias's The Margin (1967) through Jean Garret's Fuk Fuk Brazilian Style (1986) and includes work from the years in between by João Callegaro, João S Trevisan, Jairo Ferreira, Carlos Reichenbach, Ody Fraga and Cláudio Cunha, whose Oh! Rebuceteio (1984) Fernando F Croce reviewed some time back: "A sort of mix of Bob Fosse and Wilhelm Reich, Cunha’s theatrical satyr boasts of sex as the key to dramatic expression, onstage diddling is 'the first step towards spontaneity.' Ribald improv skits follow, each a parody of hardcore tropes (ravished housewife, inflamed nun, dominatrix at the rack) and actorly vanity. It builds to a merry polysexual nod to Caligula, though not before an endearing faux-bestiality vignette featuring a floppy bear costume modeled on Sarastro's menagerie (Bergman's The Magic Flute)." You can watch a NSFW trailer here.

The full lineup for IFFR 2012, running from January 25 through February 5, will be announced on January 19.

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