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Rushes. New Trailers, Viggo Reads Camus, Re-Examining "Blackhat"

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Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark.
  • Stephen Chow is currently filming King of Comedy 2, the sequel to his 1999 hit King of Comedy (about the blunders and tribulations of an aspiring actor). It is set to be released early 2019, during Chinese New Year. In the same article, China Film Insider also reports that master filmmaker Tsui Hark is mounting an epic Wuxia trilogy entitled Return of The Condor Heroes, based off of the first Wuxia novel he ever read.
  • Grasshopper Film has announced its first music release, a compilation of tracks from the films of Bertrand Bonello: Nocturama, Saint Laurent, and House of Intolerance. Only 500 copies of the vinyl record are available for order here.
  • The first arresting trailer for Claire Denis' High Life is here, and it does not disappoint. You can read our review of the film here.
  • The hype for the Karyn Kusama-Nicole Kidman cop thriller collaboration Destroyer looks to be very real based off of this astonishing first trailer.
  • The rarely screened, long sought after debut (short) film from Holy Motors' auteur Leos Carax has mysteriously been posted to YouTube without subtitles.
  • We're not sure why this happened, but we love it and it makes complete sense: Viggo Mortensen reads Albert Camus. We're very excited for Viggo Mortensen's turn in Peter Farrelly's forthcoming film Green Room.
Timothee Chalamet & Steve Carrell by Chris Pizzello/AP
  • At The Ringer, Manuela Lazic examines Steve Carrell's ascent as our most surprising dramatic actor, from Little Miss Sunshine to the recent Beautiful Boy, which stars Carrell as a sensitive dad struggling with his son's opioid addiction.  
  • On Oscilloscope's blog, Bilge Ebiri writes on the splendor of Michael Mann's critically-panned Blackhat, "a vision of a digital world where seismic events happen with casual ease, [...] shot in a style that brings a dreamy, free-floating unease to every exchange."
  • Compiled by the Courtisane Festival and the Otolith Group, The Rambling Figures of Mani Kaul is a vast and rich collection of writings and conversations by the filmmaker.
  • For his Queer & Now & Then column, Film Comment's Michael Koresky hones in the year 1980, and one particular scene from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining involving an animal costume, a sex act, and an open door. "It’s [...] indicative of a sudden reversal of power: we, and Wendy, have become the intruders on these ghouls’ playtime. The hotel is clearly theirs." 
  • "I do not think of my feelings [...] as being feminine or masculine. My feelings are strong, medium or mild," says Viggo Mortensen, in a recent profile by the New York Times, while discussing Green Book, and his re-definition of masculinity onscreen.
  • Elena Lazic discusses Nicolas Cage's sensitive side, personal loss, and visceral expression with Mandy director Panos Cosmatos.
  • Sarah-Tai Black explores black queer spaces, labor, and more in Leilah Weinraub's new documentary, Shakedown.
  • Daniel Kasman interviews actor-director talks to Jiang Wen about his relationship to Beijing, his love of clashing tones, critics' ignorance, and the reception of his films.
  • Living legend Chow Yun-fat is reportedly not only frugal but also incredibly generous, as he has publicly announced plans to give his entire net worth to charity!
  • David Lynch and Francis Ford Coppola at Lynch's Festival of Disruption, where the auteur is premiering a 10-minute demo of Twin Peaks VR. 
"Steve Carrell's ascent as our most surprising dramatic actor..." Steve Carrell is a hamsteak covered in orange glaze. The next time he turns in a subtle. nuanced performance devoid of bad wigs, false teeth and / or bathetic hangdog schmaltz will be the first time.
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