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Teaser #2 for Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master”

Our second look at Paul Thomas Anderson’s mysterious film starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Pheonix and Amy Adams.

Here we are again—another super cryptic and frankly bizarre looking teaser for Paul Thomas Anderson's upcoming film. What can you make of this thing?

Check out the previous teaser here.

Bizarre? I find it very clear and convincing. A film about an abusive relationship, about a „hopelessly inquisitive” person who is looking for an object of domination. Phoenix seems to be this „object” – he is fantastic. I don’t know why but even in a short clip like this I feel enormous empathy for him. I want to „rescue his soul” which could be the Master’s hook, too. I am really looking forward to this film. Christoph
You’re right, Christoph, the psychology seems quite clear. As to the plot or the film’s general visual look…
it only gets better and better. Been waiting since ‘Two Lovers’ for Joaquin to go all out. I wonder how/if the movie would be different if Renner was there. While I love Renner, he lacks an outward neurotic intensity that Joaquin masters (no pun intended) and he seems to be putting on full display here (“Wha…What do you do”). Can not wait.
I think it will be premiered in Venice in September. And then awards season, “The Master” looks like real front-runner for a couple of main nominations, including screenplay, direction, actor, supporting cast and best picture.
I have not seen everything that Renner has done, but, in what I have seen, I have never been totally convinced by him, as though he is always aware of himself in some way. He can be good, but Phoenix, to me, has a greater ability to seem lost, and I was immediately pleased when I heard he would be in this. Seeing the teasers has just made me even more pleased. Granted the scenes were brief, but I am not totally convinced of Amy Adams, and I’m a little distracted by Hoffman’s accent, but this is a first impression.
Looks to be some kind of a movie. I can’t tell yet. I seriously believe it is some kind of movie, though. Perhaps totally. I feel that I will say something like, “Awesome,” after having viewd it as a movie or film in person.
Well it certainly LOOKS gorgeous.
i’m a beeee-uuuuu-teeful boy!
It won’t let me watch it :( says private.
It keeps getting taken down as new sources upload others…I’ve updated this, it should be working now!
It worked! Thanks so much. I love Paul Thomas Anderson.
It feels like PTA is trying something new with this film stylistically at least. The first teaser (with the static wide angle shots)—feels different. I’m very excited for this one. Big fan of everyone involved. I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

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