Video of the day. Teaser Trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master"

Trailers don't get more strange or more enticing than this one for The Master, the long awaited follow-up to There Will Be Blood from Paul Thomas Anderson, who cut this himself.


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  • a Smith

    It reminds me a lot of his original There Will Be Blood trailer. I’m glad he released this. If he won’t release this at Cannes, he can at least release a teaser during it!

  • a Smith

    And I may just be overly excited, but Joaquin’s performance in this scene sets my expectations for his performance in the film very high.

  • Mac

    anderson is starting to cross altman with kubrick and it’s a very interesting mix. scorsese has been excised completely from his repetoire. phoenix is about to be handed the best actor of his generation crown.

  • Pigo

    There Will be Excitement!Can’t wait for this one.

  • Jim Hertz

    Like very much the Kubrick quote at the end which mirrors Kubrick’s camera placement during Jack Torrence’s interview with Ullman in The Shining. And has Phoenix acquired a face, or what?

  • ehwest

    @Hertz: What Kubrick quote is that?

  • Genadijus L.

    Looks promising and very gripping. J. Pheonix determined to be one of the most flamboyant contenders for movie awards in 2012.

  • ruby stevens

    i think he might be wearing a dental prosthetic. he looks startlingly different

  • movie dream!!

    awesome!! I can’t wait…..

  • M****

    This looks soo good.

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