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Video of the day. Teaser Trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master"

The first look at Paul Thomas Anderson's mysterious next film starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Pheonix.

Trailers don't get more strange or more enticing than this one for The Master, the long awaited follow-up to There Will Be Blood from Paul Thomas Anderson, who cut this himself.

It reminds me a lot of his original There Will Be Blood trailer. I’m glad he released this. If he won’t release this at Cannes, he can at least release a teaser during it!
And I may just be overly excited, but Joaquin’s performance in this scene sets my expectations for his performance in the film very high.
anderson is starting to cross altman with kubrick and it’s a very interesting mix. scorsese has been excised completely from his repetoire. phoenix is about to be handed the best actor of his generation crown.
There Will be Excitement!Can’t wait for this one.
Like very much the Kubrick quote at the end which mirrors Kubrick’s camera placement during Jack Torrence’s interview with Ullman in The Shining. And has Phoenix acquired a face, or what?
@Hertz: What Kubrick quote is that?
Looks promising and very gripping. J. Pheonix determined to be one of the most flamboyant contenders for movie awards in 2012.
i think he might be wearing a dental prosthetic. he looks startlingly different
This looks soo good.

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