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The Auteurs Daily: Bundles

The Auteurs Daily

Erich von Stroheim

Some days just don't bundle well. Like today. No overriding theme, hot button issue or newly released title leaps out. Everyone does seem to be still talking about Inglourious Basterds, but we've been all over that one. This'll be a reach, but, scanning the links tweeted via @theauteursdaily today, I am seeing a few other bundles worth noting - features, series, packages.

For example: Hot on the heels of its Women of the West series, Not Coming to a Theater Near You has just launched another special feature, Oh, the Depravity! The Cinema of Erich von Stroheim; The Bioscope, focusing on silent cinema, presents a guide to China; at the L Magazine, Matt Zoller Seitz and Aaron Aradillas launch a video series, "The Evolution of the Modern Blockbuster," zeroing in on the summers of 1984 and 1989; Dan Callahan's latest "5 for the Day" at the House Next Door is a handy bundle of James Mason; Film Studies for Free goes back to school for the latest roundup, "The Value of Style: Film Criticism in Scholarship" (somewhat related is Andrew Schenker's conversation-starter, "On the Interview in Film Criticism"); PopMatters will be spending the week with Hellboy; there's a new issue of frieze and New York's running its Fall Preview.

Image: Erich von Stroheim; from a publicity still for Sunset Boulevard.

Luv the pic of Max that you posted there. Made me chuckle and smile

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