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The Auteurs Daily: Dante's Inferno


The Auteurs Daily

The Twilight Zone

Starting tomorrow at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, Joe Dante will be presenting a week-long series of rarely screened favorites he calls, naturally enough, Dante's Inferno. Bruce Dern and Roger Corman will be there, and Dennis Cozzalio talks with Dante "about the new series, as well asTrailers from Hell, his upcoming movie The Hole and a ton of other things that inevitably get talked about when two movie lovers get together."

Otherwise, it's a fairly quiet day (so far!), and I won't keep you, but here are a few recent highlights from @theauteursdaily: For the AV Club, Chelsea Bauch asks Tom Vick about Asia Trash!, the series he's programmed at DC's Freer Gallery of Art - and about "the movies that were too over-the-top to make the cut."

Ladislas Starewicz figures in two new entries: Graham Fuller's essay for Moving Picture Source and "a delightful anecdote from Lotte Reiniger" passed along by Dan North.

Lists: Sci-fi movies and film blogs.

Arguments: Lorna's Silence, Clint Eastwood and Funny People.

Books: Cinephilia in the Age of Digital Reproduction and Film Festival Yearbook: The Festival Circuit.

Image: From Joe Dante's segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Thanks for the BIG shout-out , David. This is going to be a great series. I really think the interview communicates just how much fun Dante is to spend time with, just as much fun as seeing one of his movies. Excellent image too!

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