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The Auteurs Daily: Fests and Events

The Auteurs Daily

Robert Beavers / Coffin Joe

"It's not every day, or year, that you encounter a retrospective like SF Cinematheque and the Pacific Film Archive's co-presentation of [Robert] Beavers's 18-film cycle, made between 1967 and 2002, My Hand Outstretched to the Winged Distance and Sightless Measure," writes Max Goldberg in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. More on the filmmaker from "off in the hinterlands of the avant-garde" from Chrissie Iles in Artforum; and Michael Guillén's not only got extensive notes on Tuesday evening's conversation between Beavers and P Adams Sitney but also an "Online Reader." Through Tuesday.

Michael Hawley previews the Bay Area's Arab Film Festival, opening tonight and running through October 25.

"There are many magnificent mavericks in the history of cinema, but there is only one José Mojica Marins," writes Christoph Huber in the LA Weekly, previewing The Strange World of Coffin Joe. Fridays through October 30 at Cinefamily. Also: Luke Y Thompson on Screamfest LA, tomorrow through October 25.

For more seasonal scares, turn to Nicolas Rapold's overview in the L of Scary Movies 3, running at the Walter Reade in New York through October 22. DedFest: Hellberta's Horror Festival is on in Edmonton tonight through Sunday. David Berry (Vue Weekly) and Trent Wilkie (SEE) set the mood. And Mike Everleth has the lineup for the Spooky Movie Film Festival, happening in DC October 21 through 25.

The Escapism Film Festival is on this weekend at the Carolina Theatre in Durham and Zack Smith's got your preview in the Independent Weekly.

Meantime, as noted here, the London Film Festival is off and running through and Sight & Sound's listing its recommendations; in another online exclusive, Sophie Mayer: "This year's festival abounds with striking new films from the goddesses of cinema."

Movieline's Seth Abramovitch is there, snapping pix.

UbuWeb will be screening a selection of film and video at Serpentine Gallery's Poetry Marathon in London this weekend; on a related note, Cargo interviews UbuWeb founder Kenneth Goldsmith.

At the Drawing Room in London through October 25: Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune: An exhibition of a film of a book that never was.

"Something deviant for everyone!" exclaims Adrian Ryan in the Stranger. "That's what this year's [Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival] is all about, featuring sodomarvelous films, events, celebrity meet-and-greets, West Side Story sing-alongs (naturally), a gala or four, a Mink Stole look-alike contest, and even some very, very good films (some of the best of the fest!) which depart entirely from the tried-and-tired Gay Film Fest formula (victims + 'coming of age' + tortured gym shower scenes + lisping queens x disco / hate crime = movie) entirely and seem rather, well, not so all that gay, comparatively speaking." Tomorrow through October 25.

"By highlighting their distinct and convergent streams of influence, See This Sound uses sight and sound as a metaphor for similar divisions and dependencies between 'visual,' 'sound' and 'media' art," writes Caitlin Jones for Rhizome. At the Lentos Museum in Linz, Austria through January 10.

As Peter Knegt reports for indieWIRE, the competition for the 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival is now set. There is exactly one entry from the US in that particular lineup: David Lowery's St Nick. November 13 through 22.

The site for this year's Three Rivers Film Festival in Pittsbourgh is up. November 6 through 21.

Image: Winged Dialogue (Robert Beavers, 1967/2000) and Cinefamily's program for October.

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