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The New Notebook & David Hudson Returns

Two big announcements! A completely re-designed Notebook and the return of our news editor, David Hudson.
new Notebook

We have two exciting editorial announcements for today:

(1) We have a total re-design of our digital magazine of international cinema and film culture, the Notebook, and (2) we're launching it to coincide with the return from his summer break of our beloved news-man, David Hudson!

David will be slowly ramping up his coverage as Venice and Toronto come at the end of the summer.

Meanwhile, the new design for the Notebook does several new things we've wanted for some time:

  • Adds a front page which provides a digest of recent criticism (edited by Daniel Kasman) and news (edited by David Hudson)
  • Distinctly separates the criticism section of the front page from the news, so that readers can easily find the two kinds of content.  News appears in the grid of images on the top of the page; recent and featured criticism is to be found on the bottom of the page. Additionally, the nav bar on the right side of the site provides quick links to all recent News and Criticism content.  In fact, if you liked the old blogscroll-style site design, these two pages feature a similar but far easier to read layout
  • A proper archive.  Something a long time coming, it's now easy to see an overview of the publication's history, and far easier to navigate within that history through tags, authors, and a greatly improved search field

Those are the main new features but poke around—new tweaks and improvements are to be found all throughout the new site.

Brilliant design!! …horrible that you took away the “recent comments” section!
Thanks, Bobby! Yeah, I’m sad to see that section go too, but let’s be honest: 2/5 of it was spam, 2/5 of it was discussion-free comments, 1/5 were good comments. Authors will still get notified when a post of theirs is commented on, though, so if you want to engage em, they’ll be there!
One more thing. When I see the listing of articles at a glance I see no information on how many comments each article has. Surely that’s a simple add-on. Disagree with you about the spam. I never saw an overload of spam comments. Honestly, I don’t ever remember seeing Notebook spam at all beyond these past few months. And whether discussion-based or not, I’m of the opinion that all the comments are important. It’s not like there was an overload of comments and you had to wade through a bunch of bullshit. And how am I going to engage an author when I can’t see quickly at a glance if comments have been responded to or not (I don’t feel like setting up a hundred notifiers)? The re-design really is pretty cool though. Very slick and modern, easy on the eye, and seems to be user-friendly. And I love not having to wait for a long string of images to load, or having to scroll down a mile to see the lineup.
Glad to have David and his news roundup back, and looking forward to see what you, Danny, do with the criticism round-up. FYI: Be sure to check out the recent archival revivals at Parallax View this week: Kathleen Murphy’s 1977 essay on “Bringing Up Baby” and the interview she and Richard T. Jameson conducted with Howard Hawks in 1976, one of the (or perhaps the) last interview Hawks did before his death. [Yes, a shameless plug, but then that’s just another part of an editor’s job.]
welcome back david! you’ve been missed.
David! I’m so happy to hear you’ve returned! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do once Venice rolled along.
Thanks, Sean and Lucas — and Joe, I’m really looking forward to our being all over Venice this year. Looks like quite a lineup in all its sections.
David, so glad to have you back!
Will take some time to get use to the new design, but terribly excited to have David back! Hope you had a good break, David. Cheers!
The new landing page is terrific – spare, elegant, dynamic – the visuals really pop!
David: As we gear into Toronto, Telluride and Venice, we can now all take a great big sigh of relief knowing that you are back in gear steering us along. I had more than one conversation with colleagues bemoaning the loss of your guidance. I hope your time off proved restful and recuperative. Welcome back. Danny: I like the new look. Especially the big-ass print. Older guys like me appreciate all the help we can get.
Welcome back, David! As others have said, thank goodness we won’t have to face following Venice/Toronto without you (Locarno has been tricky enough). Will take a while to adapt to the new design, but basically I’m digging it. Also a big thanks to MUBI for the recent Melbourne Film Festival collaboration. I greatly enjoyed being able to stream (for FREE!) JEAN GENTIL, CURLING, FINISTERRAE and EL VELADOR.
WELCOME BACK, DAVID, WE MISSED YOU!!!!! (Sorry for the all-caps, I wouldn’t contain my excitement. Really!)
Great. David’s Back. Once again there will be more reading than I can possibly handle. Sigh.

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