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The Noteworthy: Bertolucci Heads Venice, Serge Daney Explores Mannerism, Miyazaki Interviews Kurosawa

Locarno awards Herzog, _2001_ is explained by a menu, two amazing trailers drop, and more...



  • Above: Via blogger John Sisson at Dreams of Space, the daily science publication io9 has unearthed a hilarious comic strip adaptation of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey from, of all things, a 1968 Howard Johnson's children's menu.

"Coppola's films, like those of Brian de Palma or some of Spielberg's, are the mannerist side of American cinema. How can one define this mannerism? Nothing happens to human beings, everything happens to images - to Images. Images become characters with pathos, pawns in the game. We tremble for them, we want them to be kindly treated, they are no longer just produced by the camera, but manufactured outside it, and its 'pre-visualization,' thanks to video, is the object of what little love is left in the cold hearts of the filmmakers."

  • Above: "To a Young Girl Going to a Photoplay" via The Loudest Voice from Photoplay Magazine circa 1919.


  • Above: Michelangelo Antonioni in China, 1972. via zero focus.


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The Noteworthy’s cup really runneth over this week huh
Fantastic post, so many interesting things. That HoJo 2001 children’s menu is a wonderful pop culture/ancillary merchandising artifact.

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