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The Noteworthy: Cukor in Locarno, "Side Effects", Daney & Rivette

A Tarkovsky auction, trailers for the new Soderbergh & Nicholas Rey's _differently, Molussia_, & Claire Denis' _The Night Watchman_ in full.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • The Locarno Film Festival announced its 2013 edition will feature a complete retrospective of the films of George Cukor. They also announced their lineup of programmers, which features Cinema Scope editor/publisher Mark Peranson as the head of programming.
  • An archive of Andrei Tarkovsky's personal photographs, letters and other items are going up for auction. According to The Guardian:

"The archive is being sold by Olga Surkova, who was Tarkovsky's pupil, amanuensis and friend as well as co-author of the book Sculpting in Time, in which the director sets out his theories on cinema....In the sale are notebooks with shot-by-shot analysis of his films; printed scripts for films, containing significant differences to the final versions; and a collection of 32 audio tapes and 13 MiniDiscs from his final years on which he talks about his films and cinema.

There are photo albums of Tarkovsky and his family on holiday in places such as the Grand Canyon in the US, Italy and Stonehenge in the UK, as well as pictures of the director with other Russian luminaries such as the cellist Mstislav Rostropovich."


  • For The Criterion Collection's release of Rosemary's Baby, Chuck Stephens takes us through a catalog of mini-bios of the film's actors, from Mia Farrow down to William Castle, and 12 players in between, with some words on the Dakota, the famous apartment building where the film was shot.
  • A find for fans of recently deceased filmmaker Marcel Hanoun, as well as those desiring to see more of his often hard to find work: his own website features a bunch of movies to watch for free.

  • At Keyframe, Brian Darr interviews Jeff Masino of Flicker Alley about his impressively small yet accomplished company (check out their catalog of DVDs).

  • In The Bleader, Ben Sachs laments the fading whirrs of projectors:

"Even in the grungiest cinemas—the dearly departed Village, Three Penny, or Pipers Alley theaters—I felt a tinge of privilege whenever I heard a machine at work to deliver my entertainment. Nowadays, DCP grants the illusion that the movies project themselves and nobody owes anybody anything."

  • Film Comment gives some love to one of our favourite publications, La furia umana:

"Approaching its 14th installment, furia has an unabashed flare for the wonkish and even—gasp—academic, and every variety of -ist theory mobilizing its verbiage. But the organizing principle of the journal is the miscegenation of analytical disciplines and tradition...La furia umana sets itself apart by the “among friends” attitude of its best articles, spurning the context and rote protocols of point-making for breathlessly cinephilic, insight-ridden prose that feels like personal toss-offs in the best sense."

  • Above, another in YouTube's seemingly endless cavalcade of English-subtitles masterpieces: Werner Schroeter's 1986 Der Rosenkönig. Watch it while you still can!

  • Lady Gaga & Jerry Lewis. Never thought those demographics would cross over. Viewing below:

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I don’t know what in the hell Malick is doing, but I feel something really bad is in store for all of us when he releases these All-Star movies he’s making. Looks like Eagle Pennell movies produced by Irwin Allen.
You will not be a fan of TO THE WONDER, then, let me tell you!

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