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The Noteworthy: LOLA, "Margaret", Bresson, Postcards from the Cinema

This week: _LOLA_ Issue 2 debuts, B. Kite & Kent Jones on Robert Bresson, and a chronicle of Kenneth Lonergan's _Margaret_ misfortunes.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • The second issue of Adrian Martin and Girish Shambu's film journal LOLA has arrived—or has begun to, rather—with a new staggered distribution of content. Shambu dishes some exposition on the changes and details the content at his blog, which include contributions from Nicole Brenez and Chantal Akerman.
  • A hometown plug from me for the Pacific Cinémathèque here in Vancouver, which is currently raising money by selling limited edition postcards featuring designs from the great Steve Chow, who was featured in Adrian Curry's Movie Poster of the Week column last fall. Donate $10 and you'll receive 6 of Chow's program guide designs. Along with the gorgeous posters detailed in Curry's article, Chow is also responsible for many Criterion Collection designs, most recently Secret Sunshine and L'enfance nue.
  • Philippe Garrel's A Burning Hot Summer debuted at Venice nearly a year ago, but it's getting its North American distribution later this month from IFC, who have released a new trailer for the film:


  • Dedicated The Shining blog The Overlook Hotel points to a dreamy remix of one of the most evocative of the 1920s songs on Kubrick's soundtrack. Al Bowlly with Ray Noble & His Orchestra's "Midnight, the Stars and You" is remixed by James Kirby's alter-ego The Caretaker (who recently scored the documentary Patience [After Sebald], listen to that soundtrack here), a musical specialist in fragmented dreams, foggy memories, half-forgotten places and times.
  • Via Slate, Anders Ramsell's Blade Runner: Aquaelle Edition, a watercolor re-imagining of the film:

  • In Film Comment's latest "Trivial Top 20", they list the best movies never made. Among the fascinating could-have-beens are unrealized projects from Orson Welles, Alain Resnais, and Terrence Malick.
  • Above: graphic artist Sam Smith has published a very cool set of postcard designs on his tumblr, as he describes: "I had this idea for a postcard set for the Belcourt’s Studio Ghibli series and wanted to mock it up for fun. I’ve always wanted to do my own tribute to Penguin’s modern book covers and these were somewhat inspired by them."
  • In the NY Times, Joel Lovell provides the most meticulously detailed account of the trials and tribulations of Kenneth Lonergan and his film Margaret. The highly anticipated 3-hour cut of the film is to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 10th.

From the archives.

  • This week we're drawing on "Jerry Lewis - The Total Filmmaker", a behind-the-scenes video from 1968, for no other reason than we love Jerry:


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