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The Noteworthy: Père Leaves Locarno, Cinema Scope on TIFF, and Anderson on Ozu

_Cinema Scope_ launches their comprehensive coverage of TIFF, Kevin Corrigan recalls his time with Tony Scott & Thom Andersen writes on Ozu.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • After three years as Artistic Director of the Locarno Film Festival, Olivier Père has stepped down and is now the managing director of Arte France Cinema. His time with the festival were pivotal years in which he transformed its direction and established Locarno as one of the key cinephilic stops on the circuit. I was fortunate enough to enjoy what has now surprisingly become the final festival under his direction. Père offers some parting words over at his official blog (which is well worth perusing for the rest of its contents).
  • Cinema Scope has launched its intimidatingly comprehensive online pre-coverage of TIFF—in which yours truly will be taking part in. Check the introductory post here, and the first content from Jason Anderson and Mark Peranson on Peter Mettler's The End of Time and Miguel Gomes' Tabu, respectively.


  • For the Huffington Post, actor Kevin Corrigan fondly recalls his time working with Tony Scott:

    "A knock on my dressing room door. I think it's going to be a production assistant. But it's Tony Scott, who I haven't seen in 18 years. He looks exactly the same. Pink baseball cap, running shorts (in winter). So much color in his face, that smile.

    'Can I come in?' he asks. Of course, of course. We worked together on True Romance. I was a kid. Tony still thinks I am one. I tell him I've got a five year old daughter. He notices my gray hair. He's happy to see me. We acknowledge how time flies, and then he gets down to business. He shows me his personally drawn story boards, done that morning -- charming panel-to-panel sketches -- sparse, but nuanced and altogether delightful and illustrative..so much of the actors' personalities in them--mine, Rosario Dawson's, and Kevin Chapman's. I complimented the drawings and Tony reminded me that he'd been an art student.

    'So that's how you'll look in the movie, Kev what do you think?'

    He was jovial and paternal and very affectionate. He made me feel like I was going to be a special part of the movie. He made everybody feel that way. He said 'OK, I have to go talk to Rosario now. Thanks for doing this. See you in there, yeah?'

    'Yes, let's make a movie,' I said.

    And he kissed me on the head. And then he left my dressing room, and continued on his morning rounds."

  • I neglected to highlight this piece last week from Thomas Doherty in Moving Image Source on "piracy, property rights, and the digital revolution".
  • For Keyframe, Steven Jenkins interviews Ron Fricke and his producing partner Mark Magidson about Samsara (still pictured above), their follow-up to Baraka (1992), which is opening in the U.S. and Canada.

From the archives.

  • Above: An interview with Tony Scott by DP/30 that was put online last year. It's not an easy one to watch, but captures the man at his most relaxed and enthusiastic.


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