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The Noteworthy: Slow Criticism 2014, PTA talks to Scorsese, Tsai's Empty Spaces

Writers convene from around the world for “Slow Criticism”, Steve McQueen talks to Kanye West, Bogdanovich & his Cukor File, and more.

Edited by Adam Cook

"...We've invited critics and writers from all these 36 nations to write a guest column in this wonderful euro-English that is our lingua franca about the state of cinema in their country. And since cinema is so closely related to who we are, what we feel, what we dream, we've asked them to write about that too. We weren't looking for facts & figures, for economics & industry, but for a snapshot, some instantaneous, and haphazard exposure, an examination of the cinematic pulse, a shipwrecked treasure from the tidelines, a message from the fault lines of history and the trenches of life. We asked them to be foreign correspondents in their own countries, travelling ambassadors in the realm of cinephilia, to lend us their ears and eyes and hearts and other senses to become the intelligences of this weird and wonderful beast that is Europe."

"Carver and Schmidt’s rich images have a vaporous quality, a mistiness hanging over the abundant grain of their Super-16 and Super-8 photography. The color palette morphs subtly from acid-wash to colors that are thicker, darker, then back again to something downier before progressing in slight variations and combinations of the downy and the dark. During an early night scene the patterns of grain buzz so visibly, and gorgeously, that it appears a layer of reality is beginning to peel off.

"...Jonze shows neoliberal subjectivity’s self-deluding idealization of itself as total sincerity, maintaining this emotional nakedness and yearning within the parameters of a world in which 'sincerity' can itself only be a commodity, or a form of human capital to bring on the market."

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