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The Noteworthy: The Abel Comeback, Godard on Set, a David Lynch Short

Abel Ferrara gets funding for two projects, _Leviathan_ gets a new trailer, Kurosawa storyboards, a new David Lynch short & more.


  • story which seems to have slipped between the cracks: Abel Ferrara, on top of securing funds for his Dominique Strauss-Kahn film, has also landed funding for his movie about the last day in the life of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Starring Willem Dafoe, Ferrara has been looking to make this film since the early 90s.


  • Dan Duray takes a look back at Kathryn Bigelow's early career as a painter and her life in New York's art scene:
"(...) In New York, she would find herself surrounded by art of a very different kind. While Ms. Bigelow has been reluctant to talk about this period of her life for profiles, she also hasn’t distanced herself from it completely. And with the debate surrounding her use of torture in Zero Dark Thirty, her decade in the 1970s art world has never been more relevant. The scene was politically fertile, and it would be hard to argue that those 10 years had no influence on the action movies she would later direct." 

  • "Forms metamorphose at levels at once microscopic and macroscopic, finer and broader, within cinema and beyond it – levels that critics usually haven’t a clue about. " 

    That's Serge Daney, interviewed by Cinématographe in a newly unearthed translation by Adrian Martin. 
  • David Lynch has directed yet another commissioned short, this time for the Idem Paris fine arts printshop:


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