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Weekend. Harryhausen, Zeffirelli, Handke, More

To Wednesday's and Thursday's roundup of series and events happening now in various cities, let's add Criterion's excellent weekly "Repertory Roundup" gathering links and dates for screenings across the country and Brian Darr's overview for the San Francisco Bay Area, which includes Sean McCourt's brief piece on Ray Harryhausen, whose work sees a mini-retrospective this weekend at the Castro Theatre.

Brian notes, too, that Franco Zeffirelli's Endless Love (1981) will be presented tomorrow at the Pacific Film Archive by the Film on Film Foundation, "with screenwriter Judith Rascoe expected to be present to talk about her adaptation of the Scott Spencer novel for the screen. FOFF's Brecht Andersch has penned two compelling articles on the 'accursed' nature of the film and its place in the great tradition of American melodrama."

The image above comes from The Left-Handed Woman, which screens this evening at Anthology Film Archives. The New Yorker's Richard Brody calls it a "hidden masterpiece. The writer Peter Handke's first feature film, from 1978, adapted from his own novella, tells a first-generation feminist story with a gimlet-eyed empathy untainted by dogma." Produced by Wim Wenders.

To Chicago and the Reader's Ed M Koziarski: "Cartoonist and filmmaker Heather McAdams returns with Sweet Little 16, the latest installment in her occasional, long-running series of weird and kitschy selections from her deep, eclectic collection of 16mm short films, trailers, commercials and TV segments." Tonight at Chicago Filmmakers.

As noted earlier, Ken Russell's in Los Angeles this weekend, and now, Dennis Cozzalio's celebrating with a walloping appreciation.

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