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Gadfly in the Holy Land: the Critical Cinema of Avi Mograbi

An overview of the paradoxical, socially engaged, and deeply independent Israeli filmmaker, whose latest documentary is "Between Fences."

The Forgotten: Seth Holt's "Station Six - Sahara" (1963)

An Anglo-German oil crew go mad in the desert until Carroll Baker arrives to drive them madder still in Seth Holt's "Station Six - Sahara."

Emerging Pleasures at New Directors/New Films 2017

Reveling in the mysteries of emerging directors at the annual festival in New York.

Rushes. Orson Welles on Netflix, Malick Speaks, Michael Mann on "Heat" & "Collateral," Classic Takedowns

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

What a Little Moonlight Can Do

Listening to Nicholas Britell’s haunting music for Barry Jenkins’ "Moonlight."

Depression Lessons #11

This lesson from Depression-era cinema comes to you in a one-liner about the stars of early Talkies: They weren’t necessarily pretty.

Game Theory: Paul W.S. Anderson and the Filmic Board Game

A typical critical insult becomes a compliment for this director whose films adopt the look, feel, and logic of video games.

The Ultimate Crossroad: The Trouble with "Silence"

Faith, tears, sin and despair abound in Martin Scorsese's new film. But does it do justice to its themes?

Worth a Damn: Quantifying Value and Perspective at the True/False Film Fest

The Missouri nonfiction festival spotlit director Claire Simon along with new films dedicated to fireworks, a racial murder, and more.

Reflections of the Actress

How director Olivier Assayas blurs the line between actor and character with Kristen Stewart, Maggie Cheung, and Juliet Binoche.

Review: Going in Both Directions—Julia Ducournau’s “Raw”

This arty vegetarian cannibal feature debut tries to fill the recent void of good French horror films.

The Wind that Shakes the Barley: Scott Barley’s "Sleep Has Her House"

Welsh installation artist and short film maker Scott Barley makes an astonishing, exhilarating debut.