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Football Artistry: An Interview with Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt

The inventive, youthful duo discuss their latest film, "Diamantino".

A Strange Autumn: João Moreira Salles Discusses "In the Intense Now"

Talking to the director of "In the Intense Now" about his personal inspiration, making old images new again, and the Lumières' factory film.

Environments of Chaos: The Work of Christoph Schlingensief

A look at the work of provocateur Christoph Schlingensief in celebration of the Goethe Institute's 'Schlingensief: Approach Those You Fear.'

Cannes 2018. Correspondences #7: Two Gentle Competitors and War's Dirty Work

A look at Jafar Panahi's "3 Faces" and Alice Rohrwacher's "Happy as Lazzaro," as well as the Serbian war film "The Load".

High Tech Barbarians: An Interview with Sergei Loznitsa

The acclaimed Ukrainian auteur discusses his urgent new film, "Donbass".

Cannes 2018. Correspondences #6: Fortnight Provocations & Jafar Panahi's "3 Faces"

On Gaspar Noé’s dizzying "Climax", "Mandy", a Nicolas Cage-starring Sundance sensation and Jafar Panahi's competition follow-up to "Taxi".

The Personal and the Political: An Interview with Donal Foreman

The director of "The Image You Missed" discusses his father's films, Irish identity, and the catharsis and exorcism of filming.

This Grey Zone: Wang Bing Discusses "Dead Souls"

An interview with the Chinese documentarian about "Dead Souls", his eight-hour film about a horrific, suppressed period of China's history.

Cannes 2018. Correspondences #5: Changless Change—Jean-Luc Godard and Jia Zhangke

On "The Image Book", a new essay film by Godard on man's endless wars, and "Ash Is Purest White", Jia's melodrama of a changing China.

Tension and Revision: Cristina Gallego & Ciro Guerra Discuss "Birds of Passage"

The filmmakers behind the Academy Award-winning "Embrace of the Serpent" discuss their followup, "Birds of Passage".

Cannes 2018. Correspondences #4: Two Competition “Musicals”, Two Fortnight Curios

Cannes Competition premieres a pair of quasi-musicals ("Leto" and "Cold War") and Directors' Fortnight screens two compelling curiosities.

Cannes 2018. Correspondences #3: Weed in Colombia, War in Ukraine

"Birds of Passage", the followup to "Embrace of the Serpent", proves over-ambitious, and Sergei Loznitsa's "Donbass", utterly urgent.