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  1. Hati Le's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    The only reason saving this film from a 1 star rating is Mads Mikkelsen('s ass).

  2. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    The only interesting thing in this movie is the attempt to reconstruct the world premiere of "Le sacre du printemps" during the first 20 minutes, therefore using the reconstruction of Nijnisky's original choreography from 1987. (But if you are only interested in this event it would be better to watch the BBC production "Riot at the Rite".) The rest is - in spite of Mads Mikkelsen - a dull biopic with lots of clichés.

  3. AnAppleScruff's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    I haven't hated a biopic so much since La vie en rose. Dull photography, dull script, dull interpretation. The only interesting scenes were the ones at the boutique and the perfume making bit. Apart from that, it's 80% Stravinsky and 20% Chanel.

  4. Redletterprints's rating of the film Büyük Ask

  5. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    Gorgeously realised but interminably stilted, spinning out a potentially interesting short film to epically tedious proportions. One really couldn't care less half-way in let alone two hours later at the conclusion. Gratuitous dollops of soft core grunting are appended to little effect.

  6. HAD!L's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    i always though that the Rite of Spring was pretty scary. that aside, the movie is definitely eye candy. Mikkelsen is quite grand, but Mouglalis, well, i didn't feel anything from her, about her or for her....just nothing...someone called Coco. And y was Boy introduced in the first place?! i would've cut that out if i was the editor, but i'm not :) it's a good watch anyway.

  7. gencorkun's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    I rated this movie 2 out of 3 stars. The performances of both the leading actor and actress deserves a loud applause. However, these brilliant performances could not transcend the individual scenes and fails to show the chemistry of a passionate affair between two masterminds. The overall tone of the movie can simply be described as "slow". When the story had a lot of potential, writing and direction takes it down.

  8. fruor's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    Cinematography and sound close to perfection, but then Mikkelsen

  9. nefolk's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    Quite ruined by the attempt to make Mikkelsen speak Russian. The first 20 minutes with the French premiere of Stravinsky's "Firebird" are amazing though.

  10. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Büyük Ask

    ***1/2. Far better than Anne Fontaine's COCO BEFORE CHANEL shot the same year. The first scene of the ballet is really excellent. Impliicit loves, griefs and feelings are well conveyed by Jan Kounen and the production design is perfect. Recommended.

  11. Reginald Healer Marcellin's rating of the film Büyük Ask

  12. Dzimas's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    I suppose it is how you look at, a clever piece of imagineering or a bogus biographical romance. The sets, lighting and costumes are terrific and really take you back to the 1920s but why Mads Mikkelsen as Stravinsky? He played him like a rube, not to mention his Russian was awful.

  13. Barbara Kirsch's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    I agree with Masstrovato...actually this film depicted Chanel in not really bright light....

  14. Hunter Duesing's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    Beautiful, nuanced chronicle of a love affair between two creative geniuses, something like this is always in danger of becoming bullshit but Kounen never forgets that the human face is always more interesting than what's spoken in drama.

  15. Phoenix Rising's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    This film feels very devoid of life. Even the sex scenes were joyless.

  16. Adulfina's rating of the film Büyük Ask


  17. S. Singh's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    The cinematography and acting of both leads were wonderfully executed!

  18. Elvia Francis's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    The film overall was average, but if you look at the actors/characters independently and the fashions of the film then it is brilliant! I admire and adore Coco Chanel's independence and style!

  19. HenriqueA's rating of the film Büyük Ask

    Great performances by Mikkelsen and Mouglais, but the movie falls flat after the Rite of the Spring part, it just becomes an empty drama.

  20. Allison M.'s rating of the film Büyük Ask

    Anna Mouglalis was excellent.