1. A valid MUBI GO subscription entitles you to:
  1. see one (1) selected 2D film per calendar week through the MUBI Go app at a selected cinema in your registered billing country; and
  2. a single seat, subject to availability, for a film showing open to the general public at a selected cinema. (the ‘Service’)
2. The subscription excludes premium showings, including but not limited to 3D films; IMAX; Q&As; Satellite screenings; Mother and Baby screenings; and other special screenings. The MUBI GO service is available every day of the week, subject to the cinema showtimes and opening hours. You may access the Service in line with these Terms & Conditions if you have a current and valid MUBI GO subscription (a ‘MUBI GO Subscriber’).
3. MUBI reserves the right to change or modify the service or subscriptions at any time and in its sole discretion, including but not limited to applicable prices, without prior notice. MUBI reserves the right to change the rules of cinema-going attendance and ticket availability to MUBI GO subscribers in connection with the Service at any time. MUBI reserves the right to change from time to time the number of eligible films a MUBI GO subscriber can see per month.
4. MUBI makes no guarantee on the availability of any particular cinema, showtime, or title that is presented in our app. MUBI GO ticket availability may vary from the specific cinema ticket availability.
5. You agree to only activate your MUBI GO voucher for a single ticket purchase at the cinema Box Office. The generation of a voucher does not serve as a confirmation of your ticket; it is only once you have purchased a ticket with your MUBI GO voucher at the selected cinema that a seat has been reserved. MUBI does not influence what showtime or cinema you select, and MUBI is not responsible if you select the incorrect showing, or cinema.
6. MUBI GO is currently only available for use in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, and Germany.
7. MUBI GO makes reasonable attempts to provide access to a variety of films in cinemas nationwide, however the time and locations for films may vary based on cinema’s selection of films, screenings, and showtime availability, which are all subject to change. If the showtime you want to see is not available, MUBI will not be held responsible. MUBI is not responsible if the selected showing is sold out, and we recommend that you frequently check showtimes in MUBI GO app, and if available, arrive at the cinema early and redeem your ticket ahead of time.
8. MUBI is not directly affiliated or associated with any cinemas. All references to cinemas and showtimes do not imply direct or indirect affiliation. All listed cinemas do not necessarily have the ability to accept MUBI GO vouchers, and their listing on this site does not imply as such. MUBI makes all efforts to accurately list cinemas and showtimes available to the general public, and listed cinemas and showtimes may be subject to change.
9. You agree to respect and abide by the terms & conditions set forth by the cinema you have selected tickets for, copies of which may be found herein or on the site of the relevant cinema. MUBI will not be held responsible for the cinema’s actions if their terms & conditions are violated.
10. Lost, stolen, or damaged tickets will not be replaced. If you do not hold a valid ticket, you may be required to leave the premises. You should keep your ticket with you at all times in order to re-enter the relevant auditorium. MUBI is not responsible if you are excluded from viewing the film under any condition. All film showtimes are subject to normal restrictions. You have no preferential right of access for any showings. You are not entitled to use MUBI GO in conjunction with any other promotions offered by MUBI or the cinema’s own promotions. MUBI is not responsible for the cinema’s programming, cancellations, or rescheduled performances.
11. MUBI GO subscriptions are intended for the use of the MUBI GO subscriber only, and are not to be shared with anyone else. MUBI GO Subscribers may only use the MUBI GO app on one active device at a time. MUBI GO Subscribers are only permitted to switch active devices once per month.
12. You agree that MUBI may, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, suspend your MUBI GO Subscription or terminate your account on a temporary or permanent basis, and block your access to the app at their sole discretion if:
  1. You breach these Terms & Conditions.
  2. You permit another person to use your MUBI GO app to purchase a film ticket or you use the MUBI GO app or subscription belonging to another Subscriber to purchase a ticket. Your MUBI GO app is intended only for your own use and benefit as an approved MUBI GO Subscriber and your use thereof is subject to these Terms & Conditions.
  3. You give (including as a gift), sell, or attempt to give or sell any purchased MUBI GO tickets to other people.

13. MUBI may make changes to any products or services offered on the MUBI site or MUBI GO app, or to the applicable prices for any such products or services, at any time, without prior notice. MUBI reserves the right to change the rules of movie-going attendance and ticket availability at any time. The materials on the site and/or the app with respect to products and services may be out of date, and MUBI makes no commitment to update the materials on the site and/or app with respect to such products and services.
14. Picturehouse Terms & Conditions
Exhibitor’s Terms of Acceptance of MUBI GO QR Codes (“T&Cs”)
  • Use of the MUBI GO QR Code at any participating Picturehouse Cinema constitutes acceptance of these Picturehouse T&Cs.
  • MUBI GO QR Codes and any tickets claimed may only be used at Picturehouse in accordance with the terms set out in the MUBI GO Terms of Service and the terms set out here.
  • MUBI GO customers who present a valid MUBI GO QR Code (the “Code”) may claim a free ticket to watch a screening of the MUBI Film of the Week where that film is being screened at the relevant Picturehouse Cinema.
  • All tickets are subject to availability and MUBI GO customers do not have any preferential rights of admission over other Picturehouse customers.
  • Codes are valid for one ticket to watch a 2D screening of the relevant MUBI Film of the Week in a standard seat.
  • Codes may only be used once and cannot be used again once expired or if the ticket is lost, stolen or the booking is subsequently cancelled.
  • Code may only be redeemed in-cinema (not online or by phone) on the day of the MUBI Film of the Week screening. Codes are not valid for premieres or premium priced events (such as Screen Arts shows, Film Festivals or free-list-suspended films).
  • No cash alternatives. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
  • The code and free ticket are not transferable and may not be resold.
  • Use of cinema tickets are subject to Picturehouse’s Terms of Admission.
  • Picturehouse may amend these Picturehouse T&Cs at any time without notice.