Notebook Soundtrack Mix #2: "Sleep Little Lush"

A kaleidoscopic sample of some of the best film music: of impossible fantasies, lush atmospheres, epic operas and sophisticated seductions.
Paul Clipson

Part of our on-going series, Notebook Soundtrack Mixes.

This follow-up to the previous soundtrack mix, Hyper Sleep, is very much the same animal: a chance gathering of mesmerizing music tracks, carefully arranged to focus on the interstitial character of film music—its ability to distill into hallucinatory moments, the most sensual or emotional qualities of a film’s nature, and amplify these sensations to increase their temporal impact. With this idea of music as intoxicant in mind, the passing this year of John Barry was a loss of one of the great “perfumers” of film composing (for more on music as perfume, see Daniel Kasman’s “Herrmann’s Perfume”). The beautiful themes that Barry scored for the world of 007 that open this collection set the spell for a kaleidoscopic (largely) 60s and 70s sample of some of the best film music written by Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith, Quincy Jones, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philippe Sarde and others, of impossible fantasies, lush atmospheres, epic operas, sophisticated seductions, and even a shampoo commercial: the kind of scoring John Barry once described as “million dollar Mickey Mouse music.”

1.  John Barry, Goldfinger, “Into Miami” (0:00)

2. John Barry, Thunderball, “Underwater Ballet” (edit) (0:53)

3. John Barry, Thunderball, “Street Chase” (edit) (1:43)

4. John Barry, You Only Live Twice, “James Bond in Japan” (edit) (2:45)

5. John Barry, You Only Live Twice, “Spectre and Village” (edit) (3:45)

6. John Barry, You Only Live Twice, “James Bond- Ninja” (edit) (4:24)

7. John Barry, Diamonds Are Forever, “Plenty, then Tiffany” (edit) (5:01)

8. John Barry, The Specialist, “You Bastard” (edit) (6:02)

9. John Barry, BOOM!, “The Shock of Each Moment of Still Being Alive” (edit)(6:44)

10. John Barry, Cotton Club, “The Depression Hits” (edit) (7:27)

11. Steven Sondheim, Stavisky, “Main Title” (Générique) (8:33)

12. Francois De Roubaix, Tante Zita, “Le monde est fou” (10:41)

13. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Snake Eyes, Tyler and Serena (edit) (13:01)

14. Quincy Jones, The Deadly Affair, Main Theme (15:03)

15. Philippe Sarde, Le train, “La nuit” (17:14)

16. Gato Barbieri, Last Tango in Paris, “It's Over” (19:00)

17. Alex North, Sanctuary, “Sleep Little Lush” (22:12)

18. Henry Mancini, Two For The Road, “Congarocka” (23:24)

19. Jurgen Knieper, River's Edge, Sleepytime Montage (26:33)

20. Jerry Goldsmith, Outland, “The Bug” (27:28)

21. Jerry Goldsmith, Planet of the Apes, “The Searchers” (edit) (28:26)

22. Ennio Morricone, Once Upon a Time in the West, “The First Tavern” (29:15)

23. Ennio Morricone, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, “Leave Me Alone” (edit) (30:50)

24. Philippe Sarde, Cesar et Rosalie, “Après sete” (edit) (31:33)

25. Stanley Myers, Insignificance, “Forever (What the Hell)” (32:58)

26. Ennio Morricone, Giù la testaDuck, You Sucker!, “Mesa Verde” (35:20)

27. Vic Mizzy, The Night Walker, “Car Radio” (37:00)

28. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Femme Fatale, “Blouse Off Shoulder” (37:34)

29. Ennio Morricone, Once Upon a Time in the West, “Morton” (40:32)

30. Jerry Goldsmith, In Like Flint, “Ladies Will Kindly Remove Their Hats”(42:06)

31. Eric Peters, The Prisoner (television), “Speedlearn Broadcast (Electro Mind)” (44:26)

32. John Barry, "The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair", (commercial for televison) (45:06)

33. Quincy Jones, The Deadly Affair, “Ridiculous Scene” (47:58)

34. Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale / Torso, “Back to Life”/ End titles (edit) (49:34)

35. Jerry Fielding, The Outfit, “Casino Heist” (edit) (50:36)

36. Fred Myrow, Soylent Green, “Furniture Party” (edit) (51:01)

37. John Barry, "The Persuaders Theme, (for television)" (53:01)

38. Toru Takemitsu, Clouds at Sunset, “M11” (55:07)

39. Bernard Herrmann, The Night Digger, “Scene Three” (edit) (55:34)

40. Bernard Herrmann, The Trouble with Harry, “Afterbeats” (edit) (57:16)

41. John Barry, Diamonds Are Forever, “007 & Counting” (57:48

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