The Noteworthy: Locarno, Mini Cinema, Hoberman on Siodmak and "Hitchcock Presents"

This week: Locarno 2012, Ben Sachs on _The Cat Returns_, a defense of _Alfred Hitchcock Presents_, two pieces on Robert Siodmak + more.

Edited by Adam Cook



  • In accordance with a Robert Siodmak mini-retrospective at the Film Forum, J. Hoberman takes a look at the filmmaker's career who went from making films in Europe to establishing himself in Hollywood in the 1940s: 

    "Along with the other mainly Jewish, Central European émigrés who found refuge in Hollywood, Siodmak infused American crime thrillers with a mix of Expressionist brio and existential fatalism."
  • Above: One image from a series chronicling the steps taken to replace the IMAX screen at London BFI

  • David Cairns on "The dual cinema of Robert Siodmak", from Moving Image Source.

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