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Lee Chang-dong

“There’s no question that ‘Green Fish’ and ‘Peppermint Candy’ draw on the political and economic problems of Korea. But they weren’t my main focus. My main interest has always been human beings. I believe film is the best medium to show something about human beings.”

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    LEE CHANG-DONG Corea del Sud, 2018

    Grande successo internazionale di Lee Chang-dong, questa vicenda sensuale e sinistra di amore ossessivo si incendia delle fiamme di oscuri presentimenti. Con Steven Yeun e l’esordiente Yoo Ah-in, il film trasforma il racconto da cui è tratto in un’analisi del capitalismo e della violenza maschile.


    LEE CHANG-DONG Corea del Sud, 2007

    Lee Chang-dong found breakout international acclaim with this searing portrayal of unimaginable loss and the fallacies of religious comfort. Featuring an astonishing performance from Cannes Best Actress-winner Jeon Do-yeon, Secret Sunshine marked Lee as one of South Korean cinema’s leading lights.




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