3D in the 21st Century

A critical supplement dedicated to BAMcinématek's May 2015 show "3D in the 21st Century."
Starting tomorrow, BAMcinématek in Brooklyn has curated a series celebrating the best of recent three dimensional cinema, "3D in the 21st Century":
"The unprecedented resurgence of 3D in the last decade has expanded the visual and emotional possibilities of cinema in frequently wondrous—and sometimes divisive—new ways. At its best, the technology creates almost hallucinatory immersive landscapes and retina-dazzling surprises with an immediate visceral impact. From big-budget blockbusters to high-concept mind-benders by arthouse icons, this first-of-its-kind series surveys recent films that showcase the full range of stereoscopic cinema’s expressive potential."
Running May 1 - 17, the series surveys an exciting and wide-ranging number of 3D films, from blockbusters like Avatar and Gravity, genre films like Step Up 3D and Resident Evil: Retribution, to such art-house hits as Goodbye to Language and Cave of Forgotten Dreams, as well experimental works by Jodie Mack, Ken Jacobs, Johann Lurf, and more. The series proves that what was once perceived as a industrial-capitalist money-grab from Hollywood studios and a temporary trend has, to the boon of many moviegoers, been ingeniously adapted, co-opted, subverted, rigorously re-thought, formally explored, and otherwise pushed to beautiful, adventurous ends.
BAMcinématek asked if the Notebook would organize a critical supplement to their series, and we jumped at the chance. Below you'll find our index of coverage from both critics and participating artists. (The index also includes relevant highlights from our archive on films in the series.) We'll be publishing articles in anticipation of the films' screening dates, so check back often for updates.
Becoming 3D by Blake Williams
How to Calibrate a 3D TV by Kurt Shulenberger
Four 3D Works by Ken Jacobs by Michael Sicinski
3D Is the Moon by Ben Coonley
Goodbye to Language by Daniel Kasman 
Resident Evil: Retribution 3D by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky


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