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David Hudson

In lieu of any seriously need-to-know news since the last Briefing, here's a collection of nifty things to look at on a Sunday.

Revolver collects old postcards depicting cinemas in Berlin … Nathaniel Dorsky's personal photos from NYC in the 60s … Gentleman Anthony Perkins took Poloroids in the 70s … Des stars du passé au présentCriterion's photo galleries … Portraits by Yousuf Karsh and Dmitri KasterineMia Farrow keeps popping up: all things amazing, Le Clown Lyrique and Sunset GunShotsMatt Needle's poster for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy … Now that the minimalist design wave has ebbed, here are some hand-painted movie posters from Ghana … The cover of David Lynch's forthcoming album, Crazy Clown Time … A tumblr to follow: les films du losange.

And here's a bit of viewing from Efe Cakarel, who writes: "Ahead of the release of Contagion, Warner Bros hired microbiologists and immunologists to create an unconventional billboard. They installed two huge petri dishes full of live bacteria in an abandoned storefront in downtown Toronto. Over a period of a few days, the bacteria multiplied and grew to spell out the name of the film…

"End of the traditional 2D billboard."

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