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Daily Briefing. Pablo Ferro in LA and Hope in Athens

Also: Manoel de Oliveira has begun shooting Gabo and the Shadow — and a new issue of TATE ETC.
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Pablo Ferro is "more popularly known for his work as a master title sequence designer (Dr Strangelove and The Thomas Crown Affair among countless others) and occasionally an actor as well (Greaser's Palace)," writes Marcus Herring in an entry punctuated with clips and exclamations, "but Pablo also crafted a number of the most memorable trailers of all time…. The Cinefamily is devoting an entire evening to showcasing the genius of Pablo Ferro on Tuesday September 27th, with Pablo himself in attendance! He'll bring loads of unavailable commercials (Beachnut Gum!), rare 35mm trailers (the Japanese version of A Clockwork Orange!), lost animations, and of course, his famous title sequences. We'll finish everything off with an ultra-rare presentation of Pablo's 1969 short The Inflatable Doll, starring one of our favorite on-screen strangemen, Don Calfa!" More on Pablo Ferro from Holly Willis; plus, three sites dedicated to his work: 1, 2 and 3.

"Greece, of course, is getting it in the neck; not only is its economy in shreds, but it is being paraded as the pariah of Europe, the only country that's made a mess of its books." Tackling the crisis head-on is the Athens International Film Festival, screening more films than last year despite a 20% cut in its budget, as Demetrios Matheou reports in the Guardian. What's more, artistic director Orestis Andreadakis has been giving away 100 free tickets to the unemployed and meeting with "figures from the city's leading cultural institutions, including the national theatre, national opera, state orchestra, the Acropolis museum and museum of contemporary art…. One initial idea is for a 20-day Christmas festival of cultural events. 'If we find sponsors we can create jobs around this period. It may only be for two months, but two months is something.' He and his colleagues also decided that it was time to address the country's appalling image, and 'to show Europe that we in Greece are not lazy and irresponsible. There is a strong cultural scene. People want to create.'"

Manoel de Oliveira has begun shooting Gabo and the Shadow, an adaption of the play by the Portuguese writer Raul Brandão, with Michael Lonsdale, Claudia Cardinale and Jean Moreau.

The new TATE ETC. features, among other pieces, Philip Tinari on Tacita Dean, Nicholas Cullinan on Robert Rauschenberg's photograms, Marina Warner on Lewis Carroll's original drawings for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Thomas Schütte and John-Paul Stonard on Gerhard Richter (and don't miss Tom McCarthy's outstanding appreciation in the Guardian today, either) and Jonathan Griffin and Ian Christie on John Martin. Related, and via Catherine Grant:


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