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Daily Briefing. The Art Theatre Guild Pamphlet Project

Plus more browsing tips: archives of magazine covers and film programs.

"The forefront of the Japanese New Wave, ATG or the Art Theater Guild, was a collective of some of the greatest auteurs of Japan's post-war history," writes Mark Ayala at the top of his list here at MUBI. Besides producing and distributing films from the early 60s through the mid-80s by the likes of Nagisa Oshima, Shohei Imamura and Seijun Suzuki, the ATG also published a pamphlet, and, with the help of Robert Nishimura, Miguel Patrício has been putting individual issues online. The latest addition to the Art Theatre Guild Pamphlet Project is #123, focusing on Kazuhiko Hasegawa's The Youth Killer (1976).

Granted, those of us who don't read Japanese aren't going to be able to delve into these pamphlets in the way that we've been delving into the issues of Cahiers du Cinéma in English that have appeared online in the past few days, but as with those yellowed pages, there's something almost tangible in the pleasure of paging through them. More on the ATG: Roland Domenig and Go Hirasawa at Midnight Eye.

Browse through more old magazines at chained and perfumed, explore an archive of illustrated programs that used to come with the price of a ticket in Germany, poke around in the history of Picturegoer Magazine, page through old covers of Cine-Mondial, Cinema, Cinemas, Cinematographe, Film Fun and Revue du Cinema.

Did you know that Alex Cox and Aardman Animations were once planning an adaptation of HG Wells's The War of the Worlds? Movie Morlock keelsetter asks Cox what happened.

Congratulations to Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell on fifth anniversary of Observations on film art.

Online viewing tip. Us, frankly. We've revamped the Watch page; here's a quick rundown of the ways we've made it a very, very powerful tool for finding what you want to see.

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Have a new batch of pamphlets. The collection is nearly complete.

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