Daily Viewing. Trailer for Takashi Miike's "Ai to Makoto"

Takashi Miike's immediate followup to _Ace Attorney_ is a high school musical.
David Hudson
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Thanks to Hugo Ozman at Twitch for spotting the trailer for Takashi Miike's immediate followup to Ace Attorney, the high school musical Ai to Makoto (The Legend of Love & Sincerity). At Nippon Cinema, Kevin Ouellette notes that the film is "based on Ikki Kajiwara's manga Ai to Makoto, which was previously adapted as a television drama and three movies in 1974, 1975, and 1976. Satoshi Tsumabuki stars as a delinquent named Makoto who comes to Tokyo to fulfill a vow to avenge his past. Emi Takei plays Ai, the only daughter of a prominent and distinguished Tokyo family. Under normal circumstances, people from such vastly different backgrounds would never have met, but fate had different plans and the pair wind up falling in love. Meanwhile, an honors student named Iwashimizu (Takumi Saitoh) won't stop telling Ai he'd die for her, Makoto is hunting a female gang leader, and chaos springs up all around them. Oh yeah, and there's music and dance numbers!"

Ai to Makoto — here's the site — will open in Japan on June 16. And, as noted in an earlier Briefing, Takashi Miike is already at work on his next adaption: Yusuke Kishi's bestselling 2010 novel Aku no Kyoten (Lesson of the Evil).

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