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Daily Viewing. Trailer for Takashi Miike's "Phoenix Wright"

Miike adds a video game adaptation to his wildly diverse oeuvre.

Spotted at J-Film Pow Wow, though it's evidently been out for a few days now. At Twitch, Hugo Ozman describes Phoenix Wright as an "adaptation of the hugely popular Nintendo GBA and DS game franchise, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (original title: Gyakuten Saiban). Those who have played the game would know that it involves intense courtroom battles between the attorney and the prosecutor, where they have to present evidence, cross-examine witnesses and detect any contradictory statements that may hold the key to the case."

As Ben Sachs wrote in the introduction to our series "A Decade with Takashi Miike" last year, "no matter what was going on in movies these past ten years — low-budget experiments on digital video, CGI-filled fantasies, direct-to-video knockoffs of bigger hits, the global minimalist movement, musicals for pre-teens, the arthouse appropriation of hardcore sex, the rebirth of exploitation film gore — Miike was there, attempting something like a democratic overhaul of it all."

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Courtroom drama just got Miike’d
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