Dan Sallit's "The Unspeakable Act" + More @ BAMcinemaFest 2012

Frequent _Notebook_ contributor Dan Sallitt returns to directing. Plus, ten more features announced today.
David Hudson
The DailyThe Unspeakable Act

BAMcinématek has announced a first round of titles for its fourth annual BAMcinemaFest, running June 20 through July 1, and we've already placed one of them at the top of our must-see list: The Unspeakable Act, directed by frequent Notebook contributor Dan Sallitt. Here's the official synopsis: "Jackie's romantic feelings for her brother Matthew form the unlikely backdrop against which the milestones of adolescence — choosing a college, losing one's virginity — unspool in film critic Sallitt's long-awaited directorial return, an unnervingly dispassionate take on the last taboo, set in Brooklyn's Ditmas Park."

The other narrative features slated for the 12-day summer festival:

And the docs:

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