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Introducing the Daily Briefing

The new mini-feature will be a once-a-day update on just the essentials.

Suggestions from readers have led to backstage murmurs, which, in turn, have evolved into a new mini-feature: the Daily Briefing. The nail that neither the Daily entries nor @thedailyMUBI hit quite on the head is an answer to the question, "What's happened in the past 24 hours or so that any self-respecting cinephile needs to know about?" And that answer shouldn't be longer than a single paragraph, the length of which will vary only slightly, depending on how eventful things have been since the last Briefing. In short, I'll be winging it. Here's a first swing, culled from notes going back just a few days:

"Unseen Films," a dossier from Screen MachineCinema Scope is previewing its 48th issue with reviews and interviews related to films slated for Toronto … Catherine Grant's latest roundup of serious links to hot topics … Steven Shaviro on Mattias Stork's video essay, Chaos CinemaResnais and Stan Lee (more) … Chris Marker's Imagine (0'31") … Jonathan Rosenbaum on Nicholas Ray's We Can't Go Home Again … A teaser (0'50") for Giorgos Lanthimos's Alps has been added to the collection of trailers for films competing in Venice.

For news and tips throughout the day every day, follow @thedailyMUBI on Twitter and/or the RSS feed.

Sold! (although I can’t quite see how this will not move towards becoming a daily summary of @thedailyMUBI feed). Thanks and Cheers, David!
We’ll see. Thing is, for whatever reason, some people don’t want to follow that feed, either via Twitter or RSS. Also, those who are away or otherwise engaged for a week or two or more might find the “Daily Briefing” tag a handy way to quickly get up to speed. Again, we’ll see. It’s an experiment, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
It’s superfluous. People don’t need to follow the Daily feed on Twitter. It’s right there (below my message) for everyone that visits The Notebook to see!

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