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Jacques Rivette Tribute

Presenting three rarities by the best kept secret of the French New Wave. Plus: screenings in L.A. and New York.
This August, MUBI is paying tribute to the great, but too-often-forgotten, Jacques Rivette. His conspiratorial films, deliciously and collaboratively playing with genre, theatre, painting, literature and cinema itself, constitute the best kept secret of the French New Wave. Only a precious few, including sprawling magnum opus Out 1: noli me tangere (1971), mostly unseen until recently, and his canonical masterpiece that he made immediately after that 12-hour experiment, Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974), could be described as well known. In a belated tribute to one of our very favorite filmmakers, we're showing three rarities by Jacques Rivette, hardly screened in most countries.
Additionally, for those in Los Angeles we're presenting our three films plus Celine and Julie Go Boating at the Cinefamily and for New Yorkers, we're presenting Rivette's 1981 masterpiece Le Pont du Nord at Videology in Brooklyn.
Duelle (1976), August 7
The Queen of the Night (Juliet Berto) battles the Queen of the Sun (Bulle Ogier) over a magical diamond that will allow the winner to remain on earth, specifically modern day Paris.
Noroït (1976), August 14
On an island beach, Morag weeps over the corpse of her brother Shane and vows to avenge his death. Shane was killed by Giulia, the leader of a band of pirates that inhabit the island’s castle. Morag enlists Erika to spy on the pirates and she is gets a job as Giulia’s as a bodyguard…
Merry-Go-Round (1981), August 21
Elizabeth sends telegrams to her old boyfriend Ben in New York and to her younger sister Leo in Rome to join her in Paris, where she is selling her dead father's estate. When Ben and Leo arrive, a mysterious adventure begins.


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