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The Noteworthy: Django, John Huston, and the End of the World

The debut of our new weekly column of essential reads, watches & listens.

Welcome to the first edition of The Noteworthy, a new Notebook column wherein we'll be compiling a weekly dosage of essential links—a streamlined assortment of cine-related curiosities that captured our attention and piqued our interest.

Edited by Adam Cook

  • Michael Mann has been announced as the president of the International Jury for The 69th Venice International Film Festival.
  • Robert Koehler and Michael Phillips discuss the best and worst of this year's Cannes Film Festival at Indiewire.
  • Screen Crush has images from the star-studded set of The End of the World, Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg's forthcoming meta/apocalyptic directorial debut.
  • Via The Criterion Collection's Current, here's a brief video on the famous pillow fight scene from Jean Vigo's Zéro de conduite:

  • It's been over a week since the Japanese auteur Kaneto Shindo passed away at the age of 100. As always, David Hudson was quick to assemble a collection of thoughtful words at Keyframe's Daily.
  • Lastly, an image of Alain Resnais—who recently turned 90 years of age—posted by The Criterion Collection on Facebook earlier this week, that is sure to fill cinephile hearts with joy.
I’m excited for this new column, but I should point out that the correct phrase is “piqued our interest”, not “peaked”
Thanks Caligula! Actually, both phrases technically are correct, but we did mean “piqued” :)
Dear lord, people. Give the man a chance to get his wheels spinning before you start with your copy-editing. Nice work here, Daniel. You plus D-Hud = my cinemanews source
Thanks for the tweaks all, glad you’re reading so closely!
Excellent work Adam!
Ah, wonderful. Thanks for the Artforum link. I’ve been addicted to De Palma recently. Musta watched Carlito’s Way about ten times in the past month. Caught Body Double last night, Dressed to Kill the other day, and this is a director I used to loathe.

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