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Video of the day. Full Trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master”

The first poster & the first full trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master have arrived.


Yesterday, the first poster (see below) for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master was unveiled, and with hardly any time to absorb it, today we get the first full trailer (we posted the teasers here & here), and we're getting more and more excited with each new glimpse of this highly anticipated film. It's set for theatrical release in October, though an earlier festival debut is likely.


Looks more and more beautiful with every reveal.
Looks like a bloated drama to me.
Could end up being that, though I currently doubt it. That said, this, in my opinion, is the weakest of the promotional videos to be released, but the best looking (I’m wondering if the color grading was not finalized for the earlier teasers) and the best(?) indication of the relationship between Hoffman and Phoenix, which are what I was referring when I used the word “beautiful”. I do have some concern about Amy Adams’ character from this trailer in terms of how she will be portrayed by the film (versus my concern from the previous teaser about how she would be portrayed by her acting), as this trailer indicates the possibility of a stereotypical manipulative-female-behind-the-male-ruler, though I am hopeful that this is not the case. Regardless, I’m sure it will be dramatic, quite possibly melodramatic. But at this point I’m confident it will be a good to great film.
Joaquin Phoenix has a Walker Evans face and a Robert Mapplethorpe body. I’m not quite sure what I mean by that, but I like the sound of it.
“Glimpse.” I like that word. That’s a nice word.
I’ll just wait until I see the film to have a valid opinion on it. I wonder how many more ways Mubi will find for milking this upcoming film.
It becomes more obvious to me that Anderson relies more on the cinematography here.Let’s just hope I’m wrong.

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