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Daily Briefing. Film Comment, Acidemic, American Punk

Film Comment previews the New York Film Festival and Acidemic studies "The Nordics."


As noted in the roundup on A Dangerous Method, Amy Taubin's cover story on David Cronenberg's new film opens a New York Film Festival preview package in the new Film CommentErich Kuersten introduces "The Nordics," the new Acidemic issue with contributions from Steven Shaviro, Kim Morgan and more … The Harvard Film Archive's series American Punk runs through September 15 and, as Victoria Large, tells us, Not Coming to a Theater Near You will be all over it … Mark Cousins's "ten films that changed the world" … Studio Ghibli co-founders Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata are both working on new projectsNoah Baumbach may adapt Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections for HBO … Jean Lewis played Jane to Gordon Scott's Tarzan twice before Samuel Fuller changed her name to Eve Brent; she was 82.

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