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Daily Viewing. Sorkin + Iannucci on HBO

Jeff Daniels as a news anchor who snaps and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a vice president who just might at any moment.
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What's with all the new trailers today? Of course, any day of the week will see a good handful of new trailers jostling for attention, but few are the days that I see a good handful actually worth taking a look at. We can't possibly know yet how The Taste of Money or The Last Supper will turn out, but simply by virtue of the fact that they're directed by Im Sang-soo and Lu Chuan, respectively, I've figured that you, like me, might want to give them each a minute-and-a-half of your Monday. Simply out of curiosity, no matter where you stand on either director.

Here's another one that's been making the rounds today. In Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, premiering on HBO on June 24, Jeff Daniels plays an anchor who, as you'll see right there, snaps in the very first episode: Network meets Bulworth. You'll also see that Sorkin now knows his way around Facebook. The cast also includes Emily Mortimer, Alison Pill, Dev Patel, Olivia Munn and Sam Waterston.

At the Playlist, Ryan Gowland is cautiously optimistic; at Vulture, Margaret Lyons is a little less so. And for Time's James Poniewozik, "these two minutes of The Newsroom seem to repeat a lot of the preachy, self-important elements I could never stand in The West Wing and Studio 60. Which may also be the things you loved about those shows. Either way, it's very, very much what you'd expect a Sorkin drama about Matters of Public Import to sound like, which makes the title [of the episode, Changed Man] one of the more purely ironic things Sorkin has ever written."

Since I posted a roundup on Lena Dunham's Girls just yesterday, I might as well followup on The Newsroom with another upcoming HBO series, Veep, created by Armando Iannucci and premiering on April 22. It's a "comedy about American politics written wholly by British men," writes Ian Parker in his recent profile of Iannucci for the New Yorker, "including one whom Iannucci has described as his 'swearing consultant.' … Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Vice-President Selina Meyer, who is neither corrupt nor politically extreme but harried, maddened by her job's taunting combination of power and powerlessness, and forever at risk of public embarrassment. Meyer's dominant mood — panic blunted by exhaustion, as she attempts, cursing, to outrun a political shit storm — will be familiar to viewers of The Thick of It, Iannucci's fine BBC sitcom about British ministerial life, or In the Loop, a companion film that used some of the same actors to tell a darker story of Anglo-American ineptness and bad faith in the prelude to an Iraq-style war."

If your interest's sparked, this first trailer's been followed by another and a slew of "character spots" you can watch at HBO's Veep playlist. None of those characters looks as fiercely original as Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker in In the Loop, but on the other hand, Louis-Dreyfus's VP looks far more promising than Tom Hollander's Secretary of State for International Development.

One more HBO-related link to round out the day: Bob Rehak riffs on the opening title sequence of Game of Thrones.

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Hopefully “The Newsroom” it isn’t edited like the trailer ;)

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