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Berlinale 2013 MUBI Coverage Roundup

A comprehensive listing of all coverage of the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival.

Below you will find our total coverage of the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival by Adam Cook.

Above: Denis Côté's Vic+Flo Saw a Bear



On Wong Kar-Wai's The Grandmaster and Ulrich Seidl's Paradise: Hope


On Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha, Sebastián Leilo's Gloria and Denis Côté's Vic+Flo Saw a Bear


On James Benning's Stemple Pass, J.P. Sniadecki/Huang Xiang/Xu Ruotao's Yumen and Bruno Dumont's Camille Claudel, 1915


On Jafar Panahi/Kamboziya Partovi's Closed Curtain, Hong Sangsoo's Nobody's Daughter Haewon and Richard Linklater's Before Midnight


On Andrew Bujalski's Computer Chess and Jacques Doillon's Love Battles


On The Weimar Touch retrospective, the Waves vs. Particles art installations by Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Verena Paravel, and mini-capsules on Hala Lofty's Coming Forth by Day, Thomas Arslan's Gold, Pia Marais' Layla Fourie, Nicolàs Pereda & Jacob Schulsinger's Killing Strangers and Shane Carruth's Upstream Color

Above: Douglas Sirk's Hitler's Madman


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