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The Noteworthy: Mini Holiday Edition

Just a handful of links this week: Keira Knightley remembers Tony Scott, new trailers from Michael Bay and Terrence Malick, and more.

Edited by Adam Cook



  • Above: we'd be lying if we said we weren't somewhat fascinated by the trailer for Michael Bay's new film, Pain & Gain, a foray into comedy.

"Shyamalan described The Village as his "post-9/11 movie," and its plot twist becomes more provocative if read as an indirect critique of the Bush administration's war on terror. The final passages confirm that this phony American idyll not only requires that its denizens remain ignorant of the outside world, but that they live in perpetual fear of an enemy they never actually see."

"The stuff of “This Is 40” is the stuff of life, and it flows like life, and, like life, it would be good for it to last longer. It’s something of a double movie, and it could easily play as long as two movies in one, woven together, and would feel even truer to its loamy, intimate, loose-ended material."

  • In contradiction with Richard Brody, a piece by Ted Fendt on Jean-Luc Godard's little seen Adieu au TNS:

"In 1998, Jean-Luc Godard made a short video entitled Adieu au TNS (Farewell to the TNS). Never released (or intended to be), the video is nearly impossible to see and has not been included in any Godard retrospectives to date. A consequence of this deliberate unavailability has been instances of inaccurate descriptions of the video in Godard criticism [1]. More important than the manner in which the video’s form and content have been inaccurately described, however, is the manner in which its production history and Godard’s reasons for making it have been purposefully decontextualized in Richard Brody’s Everything is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-Luc Godard (Metropolitan Books, 2008) in order to misleadingly implicate the video in some kind of cryptic, but sympathetic, engagement with anti-Semitism and/or Fascism that Brody feels runs throughout Godard’s work. Ultimately, these claims – at the very least in regards to this video – are just smoke and mirrors." 

"A few hours after I heard about Tony's death on 19 August, I got stung by a hornet. I was sitting on the kitchen floor of a cottage in France swearing my head off and a hummingbird moth, tiny and delicate, flew round me twice. Of course I didn't think that was Tony, but the image seemed appropriate: the hummingbird with a hornet's sting."

im so stoked for pain & gain and i dont normally get too excited about Mr Bay’s flicks.
Likewise. He seems to temporarily be in a “realist” phase between Transformers flicks.
I’m not quite sure I want an answer to this question, but here it is anyway: what has Michael Bay ever done in the past 18 years that would lead you to believe that his next movie is going to be any different than the atrocities he has already made? Other than some intermittent, mildly spectacular visuals, what is it about the Transformer movies – the characters, the writing, the understanding of human behavior – that would make you think that this time he’s really going to nail it? I’m just curious. Because I don’t understand. I really don’t. Michael Bay has the intellectual and emotional maturity of a 13 year old boy. You think he’s turned into Hal Ashby overnight?
Bay’s work is always interesting, even in (especially?) its atrociousness. Doesn’t need to be any different.
It’s because this film is about characters with the maturity of 13 year old boys.
I’d take away the middling “somewhat” and just say I’m fascinated.
The Bay trailer is a lot more visually and sonically interesting than the Malick. And it looks like it will be a lot funnier.
finally mubi, bay’s films are stupid as fuck but they’re still (in my opinion) some of the most interesting of the last years, a great film can come in many ways, even just as a pure visual spectacle (we don’t need human emotions on the screen to feel emotions ourselves, sometimes we just need images, bay is as close as an experimental filmmaker any hollywood director has ever been)
I cant wait to see this movie! (Pain & Gain)

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