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Venice 2011 Lineup

The complete program for the 2011 Venice Film Festival.

Dueling festival lineups! It seems that for every announcement for the Toronto International Film Festival lineup comes a competing (and often overlapping)  one from Venice.  Here we're collecting the finalized Venice lineups so far. (Above image: Philippe Garrel's A Burning Hot Summer.)


Out of Competition


Venice Days

  • Another Silence (Santiago Amigorena, France/Canada/Brazil/Argentina)
  • My Name is Ki (Ladzek Dawid, Poland)
  • Ruggine (Daniele Gaglianone, Italy)
  • Guilty (Vincent Garenq, France)
  • All Our Desires (Philippe Lioret, France)
  • Love and Bruises (Lou Ye, France)
  • Historias. que so existem quando lembradas (Julia Murat, Brazil/France)
  • Twilight Portrait (Angelina Nikonova, Russia)
  • Io sono li (Andrea Segre, Italy/France)
  • Last Winter (John Shank, Belgium, France)
  • Café de Flore (Jean Marc Vallée, Canada/France)
  • Habibi (Susan Youssef, Palestine/United Arab Emerates/Netherlands)

Venice Days Special Events

  • Testimony (Shlomi Elkabetz, Israel/France)
  • Cuba in the Age of Obama (Gianni Minà, Italy)
  • Crazy Horse (Frederick Wiseman, France/USA)
  • Voi siette qui (Francesco Matera, Italy)
  • The Emperor of California (Luis Trenker, 1936)

Venice Days Open Space

  • La penna di Hemingway (Renzo Carbonera, Italy)
  • Hit the Road, Nonna (Duccio Chiarini, Italy)
  • The Forgotten World Cup (Lorenzo Garzella & Filippo Macelloni, Italy/Argentina)
  • Radici (Carlo Luglio, Italy)
  • Dietro il buio (Giorgio Pressburger, Italy)
  • Più come un Artista (Elisabetta Pandimiglio, Italy)
  • Valdagno, Arizona (Pyoor, Italy/USA)

Retrospective: Orizzonti 1961-1978

  • Anna (Alberto Grifi, 1972-1975)
  • Il potere (Augusto Tretti, 1972)
  • In punto di morete (Mario Garriba, 1971)
  • I parenti tutti (Fabio Garriba, 1967)
  • Voce del verbo morire (Mario Garriba, 1970)
  • Sul davanti fioriva una magnolia (Paolo Breccia, 1968)
  • La quieta febbre (Romano Scavolini, 1964)
  • Diario beat (Romano Scavolini, 1967)
  • Attacco (Romano Scavolini, 1970)
  • LSD (Romano Scavolini, 1968-1970)
  • Reflex (Mario Schifano, 1964)
  • Ferreri (Mario Schifano, 1966-1969)
  • Souvenir (Mario Schifano, 1967)
  • Film (Mario Schifano, 1967)
  • Fotografo (Mario Schifano, 1966-1969)
  • Vietnam (Mario Schifano, 1967)
  • Vieni dolce morte (Paolo Brunatto, 1967-1968)
  • Bis (Paolo Brunatto, 1966)
  • Hermitage (Carmelo Bene, 1967)
  • Il canto d'amore di Alfred Prufrock (Nico D'Alessandria, 1967)
  • Il respiro (Alex Rupp, 1964)
  • The City (Alex Rupp, 1961)
  • Zoomm, Track! (Mario Carbone, 1968)
  • Kappa (Nato Frascà, 1965-1966)
  • Soglie (Nato Frascà, 1978)

Controcampo Italiano Feature Films

  • Scialla! (Francesco Bruni, Italy)
  • Maternity Blues (Fabrizio Cattani, Italy)
  • Qualche nuvola (Saverio Di Biagio, Italy)
  • Cose dell'altro mondo (Francesco Patierno, Italy)
  • Cavalli (Michele Rho, Italy)
  • Tutta colpa della musica ( Ricky Tognazzi, Italy)

Controcampo Italiano Documentaries

  • Black block (Carlo Augusto Backschmidt, Italy)
  • Piazza Garibalid (Davide Ferrario, Italy)
  • Pugni chiusi (Fiorella Infascelli, Italy)
  • Out of Tehran (Monica Maggioni, Italy)
  • Pasta nera (Alessandro Piva, Italy)
  • Quiproquo (Elisabetta Sgarbi, Italy)
Doesn’t look too exciting. I don’t know most of these names. Would like to see the Wiseman film though.
Ross McElwee has a new film?! Yes!
Whit Stillman!!!!!!!!!!! Metropolitan and Last Days of Disco were so great. Gave up on him ever coming back.
“Hermitage (Carmelo Bene, 1967)” Restoration?
Here’s hoping…do you know anything else in that section, David?
Nothing. Marie-Pierre, are you out there?
The new Garrel is his first color film since “J’entend plus le Guitaire.” His DP is Willy Kurant (“Masculine Feminine,” “Le Depart,” “The Immortal Story,” “Pootie Tang”)
Garrel, Polanski, Cronenberg, Sokurov, Sono, Ferrara, McQueen, Hui, Arnold, Akerman, Olmi, Stillman, Demme, Karmakar? That’s plenty to be excited about already. How can anyone in his right mind not know who these people are? Far more exciting than Cannes.
I guess I’m in my right mind then (whew!), because I know 10 of the names you listed. Maybe I was paying attention to an old list that wasn’t yet updated. It seems fuller now. Anyway, I’m no expert on international contemporary cinema. So don’t use me as a measuring stick. Even though I know 10 of those names it doesn’t mean I’ve seen films by all of them.
Yes, all due credit to Bobby, most of the names Nicole mentioned were officially announced today, which is when the listing was updated. Bobby commented when only the Venice Days program was confirmed.

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