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Locarno 2014. MUBI Coverage Roundup

A complete index of our coverage of the 67th Locarno Film Festival.

Below you will find an index of all our coverage of the 67th Locarno Film Festival by Adam Cook, Marie-Pierre Duhamel, and Celluloid Liberation Front. 

 Web Exclusive: The World of Titanus by Carlo Chatrian


From What is Before by Lav Diaz

The Princess of France by Matías Piñeiro

Buzzard by Joel Potrykus (x two)

Listen Up Philip by Alex Ross Perry

Horse Money by Pedro Costa

Sosialismi by Peter von Bagh

Single Stream by Ernst Karel, Toby Lee, & Pawel Wojtasik

White Nights on the Pier by Paul Vecchiali

La Sapienza by Eugène Green

Une jeune poète by Damien Manivel


Soon-Mi Yoo (director of Songs From the North)

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