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Venice 2011. Golden Lion for Aleksandr Sokurov's "Faust"

Silver Lion for Cai Shangjun (_People Mountain People Sea_). Acting awards for Michael Fassbender and Deanie Ip.
David Hudson

Aleksandr Sokurov's Faust has won the Golden Lion at this year's Venice Film Festival. Now's a good time to catch up with Daniel Kasman's review.

The Jury, headed by Darren Aronofsky, awarded the Silver Lion (Best Director) to Cai Shangjun for People Mountain People Sea.

The Special Jury Prize goes to Emanuele Crialese's Terraferma. A roundup was posted earlier today.

The Osella for Best Screenplay goes to Giorgos Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou for Alps. (Roundup and Daniel Kasman's review.)

The Osella for Best Cinematography: Robbie Ryan for Wuthering Heights. (Roundup.)

Michael Fassbender wins the Volpi Cup (Best Actor) for his performance in Steve McQueens's Shame (roundup), while the Volpi Cup for Best Actress goes to Deanie Ip for her performance in Ann Hui's A Simple Life (roundup and Daniel Kasman's review).

The Marcello Mastroianni Award (Best Young Actor) goes to Shota Sometani and Fumi Nikaido for their work in Sion Sono's Himizu. (Roundup and Daniel Kasman's review.)

The Orizzonti Jury, chaired by Jia Zhangke, has presented the award for a feature-length film to Shinya Tsukamoto's Kotoko: "This film moves freely through numerous genres to create an impressive representation of a woman’s fragile psychological state, a deeply disturbing meditation on loneliness and the contemporary urban experience. Shinya Tsukamoto has crafted a powerful visual language to enter into the mind of his protagonist."

A Special Orizzonti Jury Prize goes to Michael Glawogger's Whores' Glory (roundup): "The oldest profession becomes a mirror to a global labyrinth of sex and commerce that Glawogger captures with stunning visual eloquence and precision. Prostitutes in Bangkok, Bangladesh and Mexico are filmed with dignity and respect, detailing the complex spatial politics and social issues generated by globalization."

The Orizzonti Award for a short film goes to Felice D'Agostino and Arturo Lavorato's In attesa dell'avvento. For a medium-length film: Mauro Andrizzi's Accidentes gloriosos.

Special mentions: Tusi Tamasese's The Orator and Charles Lim Yi Yong's All the Lines Flow Out.

And here's the ceremony:

In the the Controcampo Italiano section, the Controcampo Award for a narrative feature went to Francesco Bruni's Scialla! on Thursday. The jury, presided by Stefano Incerti, also recognized Fiorella Infascelli's documentary Pugni chiusi and Jonas Carpignano's short A Chjàna. "The Jury also awarded a Special Mention to the documentary Black Block by Carlo Augusto Bachschmidt and to Francesco Di Giacomo for the photography of Pugni chiusi."

And then there are the awards presented autonomously by various film organizations and film critics' associations:

Best Film, Venezia 68: Shame by Steve McQueen
Best Film, Orizzonti and International Critics’ Week: Two Years at Sea by Ben Rivers
to Faust by Aleksandr Sokurov
Special Mention to A Simple Life by Ann Hui
Premio del pubblico “Kino” - International Critics Week Award
to Là-Bas by Guido Lombardi
Label Europa Cinemas Award
to Présumé coupable (Guilty) by Vincent Garenq
Leoncino d'Oro Agiscuola Award
to Carnage by Roman Polanski
Cinema for UNICEF Commendation: Terraferma by Emanuele Crialese
Francesco Pasinetti (SNGCI) Award
to Terraferma by Emanuele Crialese
SNGCI Commendation: L’ultimo terrestre by Gian Alfonso Pacinotti
Brian Award
to The Ides of March by George Clooney
Queer Lion Award (Associazione Cinemarte)
to Wilde Salome by Al Pacino
Arca CinemaGiovani Award
Best Film Venezia 68: Shame by Steve McQueen
Best Italian Film: L’ultimo terrestre di Gian Alfonso Pacinotti
Biografilm Lancia Award
to Black Block by Carlo Augusto Bachschmidt
Jury Award to Pivano Blues – Sulla strada di Nanda by Teresa Marchesi
C.I.C.T. UNESCO “Enrico Fulchignoni” Award
to Tahrir 2011 by Tamer Ezzat, Ayten Amin, Amr Salama
to O le tulafale (The Orator) by Tusi Tamasese
CinemAvvenire Award
Best Film Venezia 68: Shame by Steve McQueen
Best Film - Il cerchio non è rotondo Award: O le tulafale (The Orator) by Tusi Tamasese
to Io sono Li by Andrea Segre
Special Mention to Pasta nera by Alessandro Piva
Fondazione Mimmo Rotella Award
to L’ultimo terrestre by Gian Alfonso Pacinotti
Future Film Festival Digital Award
to Faust by Aleksandr Sokurov
Special Mention to Kotoko by Shinya Ysukamoto
Nazareno Taddei Award
to Tao jie (A Simple Life) by Ann Hui
Lanterna Magica Award (CGS)
to Io sono Li by Andrea Segre
Open Award
to Marco Müller, director of the Festival
La Navicella – Venezia Cinema Award
to Tao jie (A Simple Life) by Ann Hui
Lina Mangiacapre Award
to Io sono Li by Andrea Segre
Special Mention to Fabrizio Cattani for Maternity Blues
Gianni Astrei pro life Award
to Tao jie (A Simple Life) by Ann Hui
to Scialla! by Francesco Bruni
Mouse d’Oro Award
to Killer Joe by William Friedkin
Mouse d’Argento to Kotoko by Shinya Tsukamoto
UK - Italy Creative Industries Award – Best Innovative Budget
to L’arrivo di Wang by Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti
Equal Opportunity Award
to Tao jie (A Simple Life) by Ann Hui
Gillo Pontecorvo Award – Arcobaleno Latino
to Gaetano Blandini, Nicola Borrelli, Gian Marco Committeri, Roberto Lo Surdo, Mario La Torre
Christopher D. Smithers Foundation Special Award
to Himizu by Sono Sion
Interfilm Award for Promoting Interreligious Dialogue
to Girimunho (Swirl) by Helvécio Marins Jr and Clarissa Campolina
Vittorio Veneto Film Festival Award
to Scialla! by Francesco Bruni
Special Mention to Eva by Kike Maillo

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