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International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018. Lineup

A constantly updated list of the films selected for the 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam.
My Own Private Hell
The titles for the 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam are being announced in anticipation of the event running January 24 - February 4, 2018. We will update the program as new films are revealed.
Djon África (João Miller Guerra/Filipa Reis)
I Have a Date with Spring (Baek Seungbin)
Nervous Translation (Shireen Seno)
Piercing (Nicolas Pesce)
Possessed (Metahaven/Rob Schröder)
The Reports on Sarah and Saleem (Muayad Alayan)
Sultry (Marina Meliande)
The Widowed Witch (Cai Chengjie)
Insect (Jan Švankmajer)
Asino (Anatoly Vasiliev)
Lek and the Dogs (Andrew Kötting)
The Bottomless Bag (Rustam Khamdamov)
Mrs. Fang (Wang Bing)
Readers (James Benning)
The Wandering Soap Opera (Valeria Sarmiento, Raúl Ruiz)
Lover for a Day (Philippe Garrel)
The Flower Shop (Ruben Desiere)
Look Up (Fulvio Risoleo)
My Friend the Polish Girl (Ewa Banaszkiewicz)
Rabot (Christina Vandekerckhove)
Respeto (Alberto Monteras II)
The Return (Malene Choi Jensen)
Windspiel (Peyman Ghalambor)
All You Can Eat Buddha (Ian Lagarde)
Azougue Nazareth (Tiago Melo)
My Own Private Hell (Guto Parente)
Ordinary Time (Susana Nobre)
3/4 (Ilian Metev)
Cocote (Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias)
Drift (Helena Wittmann)
The Wild Boys (Bertrand Mandico)
Gutland (Govinda Van Maele)
The Watchman (Alejandro Andújar)
Life and Nothing More (Antonio Méndez Esparza)
Meteors (Gürcan Keltek)
Mama (Jin Xingzheng)
The Nothing Factory (Pedro Pinho)
Soldiers. Story from Ferentari (Ivana Mladenovic)
Sweating the Small Stuff (Ninomiya Ryutaro)
Fátima (João Canijo)
Anna's War (Alexey Fedorchecnko)
Western (Valeska Grisebach)
Gangway to the Future (René Hazekamp)
Outrage Coda (Takeshi Kitano)
Birds Are Singing in Kigali (Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze)
A Tiger in Winterby (Lee Kwangkuk)
The Hungry Lion (Takaomi Ogata)
Latifa: A Fighting Heart (Olivier Peyon, Cyril Brody)
Lorello and Brunello (Jacopo Quadri)
Pororoca (Constantin Popescu)
Silent Mist (Zhang Miaoyan)
The Florida Project (Sean Baker)
The Shape of Water (Guillermo del Toro)
The Bottomless Bag (Rustam Khamdamov)
Marquis de Wavrin, du manoir à la jungle (Grace Winter, Luc Plantier)
with history in a room filled with people with funny names 4 (Korakrit Arunanondchai)
The Worldly Cave (Zhou Tao)
I Have Nothing to Say (Ying Liang)
Glimpse (Artur Zmijewski)
Father to Son (Hsiao Ya-chaun)
The Guilty (Gustav Möller)
An Impossibly Small Object (David Verbeek)
Night Comes On (Jordana Spiro)
Nina (Olga Chajdas)
Pity (Babis Makridis)
Tiempo compartido (Sebastián Hofmann)
José Celestino Campusano
Brooklyn Experience (2018)
El azote (2017)
El sacrificiio de Nehuén Puyelli (2016)
El arrullo de la araña (2015)
Placer y martirio (2015)
El perro Molina (2013)
Fantasmas de la ruta (2013)
Fango (2012)
Vikingo (2009)
Vil romance (2008)
Legión - Tribus urbanas motorizadas (2006)
Artur Żmijewski
Realism (2017)
The Collection: Katarzyna (2016)
The Collection: Roman (2016)
Creation in Cooperation (2014)
Cookbook (2013)
Glory to the Academy (2013)
The Making Of (2013)
Blindly (2010)
Following Bauhaus (2010)
Habana Libre (2010)
Sculpture Plein-air. Swiecie 2009 (2009)
Them (2007)
Pole in a Closet (2006)
Rendez-vous (2004)
Karolina (2001)
Out for a Walk (2001)
Singing Lesson 1 (2001)
KR WP (2000)
An Eye for an Eye (1998)

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