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Premiere's Cannes 2012 buzzomètre

The French magazine places odds on over 30 titles: Will they make the Cannes 2012 lineup?
The Daily

Trailer for Xavier Dolan's Laurence Anyways

You may remember that it was the French Premiere that broke the news that Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom would be opening the Cannes Film Festival on May 16. Now, via Andre Soares at the Alt Film Guide, comes word that the magazine has posted "Cannes 2012: Le buzzomètre," a list of films that are the most and least likely to appear in one or another of the festival's lineups — and in general order of probability, too. If you read French (and if not, there's always Google, of course), you can catch up on the reasoning behind their probability ratings, but here, for the sake of brevity, we'll simply stick to titles, directors and the taux de présence potentielle:



Maybe, Maybe Not

Not Likely

Meantime, after seeing the teaser for Cosmopolis, Neil Young has recast his odds on the winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes 2012.

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The name of Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern’s film is misspelled, it is ‘’ Le Grand soir’’.
Hmm, what do they know about the Wong film?
Evidently, it won’t be ready until at least December: Sigh.
I was sceptical about the Resnais film but now I see the french release is pushed from April to September. This is the film I look forward to the most this year.
Fingers crossed for Aleksei German.
I believe the title for Refn’s film is supposed to be “Only God Forgives.” At least, that’s how I’ve seen it written elsewhere—and it certainly sounds better in English.
You’re right, and what’s more, that’s how the IMDb lists it as well. Thanks!
So, we’re calling Malick’s latest The Funeral, now?
What about James Gray’s new movie? They love him in France.
FINGUER CROSSED & “merde” for ELEFANTE BLANCO de PABLO TRAPERO and my heart also with my loved friend WALTER SALLES with ON THE ROAD
What a lineup!
Well, it’s a nice list but Li Yu should also be added here… just sayin’…
What about the new Ken Loach Angel’s Share which opens in the UK on June 1st. Loach is such a consistent member of the Cannes family it would seem strange for his film not to be in some section of the Festival

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