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The Noteworthy: New Senses, Nick Ray’s Master Class, The Brakhage Lectures

New Senses of Cinema, a Nick Ray doc Kickstarter, Truffaut’s alternate titles for The 400 Blows, Stan Brakhage lectures & more.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • The resolute Susan Ray has turned to Kickstarter to help fund ACTION!, a documentary featuring Nicholas Ray's insights into filmmaking that "will be edited mostly from Nick’s film, video, and audio archive—tens of thousands of feet of picture, and hundreds of hours of audio recordings of interviews, classes, lectures, private conversations, journal entries, and an oral history—with supplementary footage licensed from the studios or acquired through research." Susan needs to raise $35 000 by January 2nd, so, if you're able, give generously (it's tax deductible!) so we can see this project realized. There are some impressive goodies available to backers: posters, DVDs, leather-bound scripts, and even Ray's red jacket from We Can't Go Home Again!


  • Awards season rages on—if you're having trouble keeping track, David Hudson has an index that also includes critics' lists.
  • At Fandor, Adam Nayman chooses his five favorite shots of the year.

"...I can't stand all this digital stuff; this isn't what I signed up for. And so even the fact that digital presentation is the way it is's just television in public... It's T.V. in public."

The full Directors' Roundtable (feat. Tarantino with Ben Affleck, Tom Hooper, Ang Lee and David O. Russell) can be viewed below:

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Scott Walker really has impeccable taste!
Interesting, I might read the Brakhage Lectures when I have some time later.

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