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Awards and Lists 2011. Index

A stripped-down guide to the season.
The DailyAudrey Hepburn and her Oscar

From now through around the end of February or so, I'll be updating this stripped-down overview. I'll try to keep it useful by keeping it simple.


Academy Awards (Oscars).
American Cinema Editors.
AFI Awards.
American Society of Cinematographers.
Art Directors Guild.
British Independent Film Awards.
Cinema Audio Society.
Directors Guild Awards.
European Film Awards.
Golden Globes.
Gotham Awards.
Independent Spirit Awards.
International Documentary Association Awards.
Producers Guild Awards.
Visual Effects Society.

Critics Organizations

African-American Film Critics Association.
Boston Society of Film Critics.
Chicago Film Critics Association.
Indiana Film Journalists Association.
Los Angeles Film Critics Association.
National Board of Review.
National Society of Film Critics.
New York Film Critics Circle.
New York Film Critics Online.
Online Film Critics Society.
San Diego Film Critics Society.
San Francisco Film Critics Circle.
Sydney Film Critics.
Toronto Film Critics Association.
Washington DC Area Film Critics Association.


Lists and discussions thereof at Dave Kehr's place.
Moments Out of Time 2011.
Movie City News tabulates over 210 top tens.
These come from France.
TIFF's Canadian top tens.



Austin Chronicle.
AV Club.
Boston Globe.
Cahiers du Cinéma.
Cinema Scope.
DVD Beaver. Poll of 34 critics.
Eiga Geijutsu.
Electric Sheep.
The Evening Class.
Film Comment. Poll of over 120 critics and curators: Released/Unreleased.
indieWIRE. Poll of 162 critics and journalists.
Kinema Junpo.
L Magazine.
Moving Image Source, "Moments of 2011," Parts 1 and 2.
MSN Movies.
new filmkritik.
New York.
New York Times.
New Yorker.
Philadelphia Weekly.
Reverse Shot. Worst. Comments.
San Francisco Bay Guardian.
Senses of Cinema 2011 World Poll.
Slant. Individual ballots.
Sight & Sound. Poll of 101 critics and curators. DVD/Blu-ray poll of 23.
Time: Best and Worst; Performances.
Time Out Chicago.
Time Out London.
Time Out New York.
Village Voice. Poll of 95 critics.



Michael Atkinson.
Just Another Film Buff.
Dave McDougall.
Ray Pride.
Tom Shone.
Matt Singer.
Quentin Tarantino.
Noel Vera.
Neil Young.

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Excellent job, David. I’d be coming to this one frequently. Thanks and cheers!
Excitedly bookmarked.
Great distribution of awards. I am however dissapointed that the critics are favoring my least favorite actor George Clooney
thanks! is perfect and simple!
Thanks David. This is an essential page which will greatly assist in following all the lists/awards updates.
Clooney isn’t my least favorite actor, however, I was anticipating this year belonging to Leonardo DiCaprio.
Excitedly bookmarked x2
This is perfect. Thanks, David!
The association of Belgian Film Critics has chosen his five nominees for its price (final poll taking place jan. 7). Here they are: A separation (A. Farhadi) Driver (N.W. Refn) The artist (M. Hazanavicius) Winter’s bone (D. Granik) Essential killing (J. Skolimovsky) Christian
Can’t really comment about any movies, as there are so few FREE movies to watch. Reading other comments though, and hope to gain some knowledge from these critics—interesting for sure.
The best film of 2011 is ‘The Tree of Life.’ This film is not for everyone. I even saw some audience members walk out because they were confused. There is no denying Terrence Malick is a pure auteur. I like films that make you think about life. Malick takes chances and has created a masterpiece. It should be remembered that many of Stanley Kubrick’s films were panned by critics (2001: a space odyssey and A Clockwork Orange) but have turned into revered classics over time. The same will be true of ‘The Tree of Life.’ It will be remembered as a classic film over time.
Thank you very much for creating this compilation. May I insist in the need of having a lot more non-British, non-American lists (they are very appreciated but seem overkill in comparison with lists of other places)? Please keep this great community ridden of the characteristic insularity that plagues the others! Thanks!

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