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In a slight but almost certainly self-explanatory change to previous festival index formats, clicking on the directors' names and film titles will take you to their respective pages, while clicking "Roundup" will take you to the coverage of the coverage. Names of our contributors (in this case, almost always Daniel Kasman) will take you to our original reviews.

The index will be updated, of course, as more roundups and reviews appear, for days and possibly even weeks after this year's Venice Film Festival wraps.



Tomas Alfredson's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Roundup.

Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights. Roundup.

Cai Shangjun's People Mountain People Sea. Roundup.

George Clooney's The Ides of March. Roundup.

Emauele Crialese's Terraferma. Roundup.

David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method. Roundup. Daniel Kasman.

Abel Ferrara's 4:44 Last Day on Earth. Daniel Kasman.

William Friedkin's Killer Joe. Roundup.

Philippe Garrel's That Summer. Roundup. Daniel Kasman.

Ann Hui's A Simple Life. Roundup. Daniel Kasman.

Giorgos Lanthimos's Alps. Roundup. Daniel Kasman.

Steve McQueen's Shame. Roundup.

Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi's Chicken with Plums. Roundup.

Roman Polanski's Carnage. Roundup. Daniel Kasman.

Aleksandr Sokurov's Faust. Roundup. Daniel Kasman.

Todd Solondz's Dark Horse. Roundup.

Sion Sono's Himizu. Roundup. Daniel Kasman.

Johnnie To's Life Without Principle. Daniel Kasman.

Wei Te-sheng's Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale. Roundup.



Chantel Akerman's Almayer's Folly. Roundup.

Ching Siu-Tung's The Sorcerer and the White Snake. Roundup.

Victor Kossakovsky's ¡Vivan las antipodas! Roundup.

Madonna's W.E. Roundup.

Ermanno Olmi's The Cardboard Village. Roundup.

Al Pacino's Wilde Salome. Roundup.

Nicholas Ray's We Can't Go Home Again. Roundup.

Steven Soderbergh's Contagion. Roundup.

Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress. Roundup.



Lav Diaz's Century of Birthing. Daniel Kasman.

Michael Glawogger's Whores' Glory. Roundup.

Romuald Karmakar's The Flock of the Lord. Daniel Kasman.

Mark Lewis's Black Mirror at The National Gallery. Daniel Kasman. Michael Sicinski.

Ross McElwee's Photographic Memory. Daniel Kasman.

Amir Naderi's Cut. Roundup. Daniel Kasman.

Norbert Pfaffenbichler's Conference. Daniel Kasman.

Xu Haofeng's The Sword Identity. Roundup.


ORIZZONTI 1960 - 1978

Marie-Pierre Duhamel's interview with curator Enrico Magrelli, head of Italian Cinematheque.

Carmelo Bene's Hermitage (1967). Daniel Kasman.

Paolo Brunatto's Bis (1966) and Vieni dolce morte (dell'ego) (1969). Daniel Kasman.

Nico D'Alessandria's Il canto d'amore di Alfred Prufrock (1967). Daniel Kasman.

Alberto Grifi and Massimo Sarchielli's Anna (1972-1975). Daniel Kasman.

Augusto Tretti's Power (1972). Daniel Kasman.



Lou Ye's Love and Bruises. Roundup.

Frederick Wiseman's Crazy Horse. Roundup.



The Awards.

Daniel Kasman's Top Picks and Images from the Unwritten.

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